A great video of the Protection Force of the Spanish paratroopers in Besmayah

As I told you here, at the end of May the Parachute Brigade (BRIPAC) took over from the Legion Brigade (BRILEG) at the Spanish base “Gran Capitán” of Besmayah, Iraq.

The paratroopers arrive: video of the relief in the Spanish military contingent in Iraq
BHELTRA V: That’s the home of the giants of the Spanish Army Airmobile Forces

The BRIPAC soldiers perform two main functions in this mission: that of the Training Unit and the Protection Force of the Building Partner Capability (BPC) of Besmayah. As its name suggests, the first mission refers to the training of the Iraqi Army for its fight against ISIS terrorists. The second mission is to provide protection to the facilities occupied by the Spanish contingent and also to their daily movements and activities. Precisely today, the Spanish Defense Staff (EMAD) has published on its Youtube channel a very well done video dedicated to the BRIPAC Protection Force in Besmayah:

These soldiers are serving Spain far from their homes, enduring a very harsh climate and working tirelessly to get a safer world. From here my salute and my admiration for them.

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