The Legion Brigade passes the baton to the Paratrooper Brigade in Besmayah

The Paratroopers Arrive: Video of the Relief in the Spanish Military Contingent in Iraq

On May 29 took place the act of relief of the VII Spanish contingent of the Legion Brigade (BRILEG) in Besmayah, Iraq, by VIII contingent of the Parachute Brigade (BRIPAC).

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During the ceremony, General Luis Francisco Cepeda Lucas, head of BPC VII, passed the baton to General Luis Cortés Delgado, head of BPC VIII. The event, held at the "Gran Capitán" Base in Besmayah, was attended by the Spanish Ambassador to Iraq, Juan José Escobar, Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk, Chief of the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF), as well as Iraqi civil and administrative authorities and the heads of the different contingents that participate in this training mission of the Iraqi military and police forces, which has played an important role in its victory against the ISIS terrorists.

The members of the Spanish contingent, made up of 447 soldiers and civil guards, as well as the contingents from Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States, participated in the ceremony. The BRILEG relief at the hands of the BRIPAC in Besmayah occurs shortly after the arrival in Iraq of a detachment of the Spanish Army Airmobile Forces (FAMET) consisting of 75 servicemen and five transport helicopters (three Chinook and two Cougars), who traveled to Kuwait aboard the aircraft carrier "Juan Carlos I" of the Spanish Navy. These aerial means will give service to the Spanish military, in their majority deployed in Besmayah, but also with presence in Bagdad and Taji. Right now, the Spanish mission in Iraq is the second largest military contingent of Spain abroad, after which it is currently deployed in Lebanon, which is made up of 607 soldiers.

You can see here the video posted yesterday by the General Staff of the Defense (EMAD) on its Facebook page about this relief ceremony:

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