She delivered an aberrant political rally during a Spanish language class

A socialist councilor proposes the castration of newborns to a class of adolescent students

The fanaticism of leftist feminism is reaching extremes that are already intolerable in a democracy. This is the case of a Spanish teacher from Puerto del Rosario.

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They claim that it was a literary debate: the recordings indicate something else

In some recordings published by the member of the liberal-conservative party Vox, Francisco Serrano Castro, you can hear the barbarities spoken to underage students by Aurelia Vera, a teacher and councilor of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE). The recordings were made during the Spanish language class at the San Diego de Alcalá Secondary School, in Puerto del Rosario, on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, during the month of May. El Diario de Fuerteventura ensures that these statements are taken out of context and that they were made during a debate on a literary work, specifically on a thesis that the teacher is writing. However, the reactions of the students, as well as the vehement attitude and profane expressions of the teacher indicate that she was expressing her own opinions. After publishing the aforementioned news from El Diario de Fuerteventura, Francisco Serrano has published two videos in Youtube in which the complete recordings are listened to, along with a transcription of them. This is the first part:

And this is the second part:

The political meeting of the teacher in favor of Chávez and against the USA

In the first video the teacher is heard defending the regime of Hugo Chávez and blaming the United States for the current situation in Venezuela and Cuba. The teacher, in addition, assures: "That does not only do it with Venezuela, it does it with all the countries of Europe also. With all the countries of Europe!" The teacher does not explain why then European countries, which are not subject to communist dictatorships, are much more prosperous than Cuba and Venezuela.

The socialist teacher proposes a "selective castration" of men

At the political speech of the teacher, a student asks "what system you think is needed?", and she responds: "You have to invent it. I do have one", and adds: "The matria." Thus, the recording clearly belies the theory that it was a literary debate. Everything started as a political harangue of the teacher in favor of Venezuelan Chavism, which led to the theme of feminism. And it derived, in addition, in a very radical way. After pointing out that the problem of this system would be "the implantation", the teacher points out: "I have an idea", and immediately afterwards she states: "Selective castration".

The recording proves that it was not a literary debate: it was a political speech

Given the stupor of the students (a female student even reproaches the teacher for the violence of her proposal), Vera asks: "Would saving the planet justify castrating 25% of the population?" When a student refuses, the teacher affirms: "But if you cut your penis and nothing happens to you." Next, the teacher proposes "to make men stop governing, so that they give power to us. Will they voluntarily do it? No. We have to resort to selective castration." A female student tells her then that "they will oppose", and Vera states that "it will be nothing else to be born". Before the scandal that this causes among the students, the teacher says: "I told someone the other day that he was writing a book, it is called "Matria". And there I say these things, how to implement it." A new proof that it was not a literary debate: the teacher was giving a political speech.

The teacher compared her idea of "matria" with communist dictatorships

Given the objections of a female student, the teacher says: "If you cut the eggs to children as soon as they are born, not only will they not be able to have children, but they will not develop a series of hormones, which will not give physical strength. Because the physical force is in the gonads of the eggs." Aurelia Vera goes so far as to say that her system "would work fucking good. The main problem is how to implement it", and immediately afterwards he talks about what happened with the communist dictatorships: "the main problem that the communist parties had was how to implement it. And since they could not implant it, they became dictatorships, okay? If everyone had agreed with the communist parties, there would have been no dictatorships. But the problem is that everyone did not want to." That is, for this woman "the problem" is that there are people who disagree with communism, and not that the communists impose their ideas on the rest.

"When my society is implanted, those men who do not have eggs will be happy because they have not known them"

Before the rejection of a boy to his expositions, the teacher mocks the student and says that "for men his identity is the cock." She adds: "They cut my cock and it is preferable that they cut my neck, say many men." An absurd algument with which one could also propose the ablation of the clitoris ... At that moment a student shouts: "It is a lie." And a girl comments: "cutting the eggs will end in violence." And the teacher says: "I tell them we're going to do it using the technical means." Faced with the rejection of students, including girls, Aurelia Vera exclaims: "But girls, if we are ordered to make a hole in a part of the body!", comparing genital mutilation with making holes in the ears to the children for the slopes. The teacher tries to convince the students in this way: "When my society is implanted, those men who do not have eggs will be happy because they have not known them. They will not even have sexual desires. He does not know them, therefore they do not miss them. We are going to apply one of the sciences to know to whom we are not going to cut the eggs. We are going to apply eugenesis." Is the teacher aware that the eugenics she calls "science" was proposed by the Third Reich?

"A disaster that eliminates the guys. And that there are few, the minimum. And there my matria will begin"

The teacher then says that women have been castrated "for millions of centuries, especially here in the mind," and states that "female orgasms appeared after the 1960s, and even we have not been able to have orgasms." Where did this woman get such stupidities? Finally, a student reproaches her: "But then, what do you want, a revenge or freedom?" In the second video the teacher sends a new message of hatred to men, stating: "The first thing you have to do feminism is not letting the claws of men into it." Immediately after, the teacher launches several insults against those who affirm that men and women are not equal. Finally, the teacher proposes "that the men brown in their own sauce. A disaster. A disaster that eliminates the guys. And that there are few, the minimum. And there my matria will begin."

The teacher also lashed out against people who profess a religion

In the second part of the second video a new political speech of Aurelia Vera is heard in the Spanish language class. The socialist teacher says: "You can not be even democratic and religious. And we have to keep a close eye on the religious, because if they could, democracy would be erased." And this is said by the one who proposes the forced castration of men ... The teacher adds: "let's not rule over everything that smells like religion". Does she propose, perhaps, that anyone who professes a religion be forbidden to stand for election, violating the constitutional right to religious and thought freedom? The socialist teacher ends up saying: "Religion and democracy are incompatible." For precisely one of the oldest democracies in the world, the United States, is a very religious country. What seems incompatible with democracy is the way of thinking of that teacher.

Vox files a complaint against the teacher and accuses her of various crimes

The Andalusian deputy of Vox Francisco Serrano has filed a complaint against the socialist teacher and councilor, noting that he has received "several messages from parents wanting to transmit a series of audio recordings of the Spanish language class of their children", made in the cited institute between May 2 and 29, 2019. Serrano states in his complaint that he has received "substantial audio material", from which he has incorporated the three recordings that has uploaded to Youtube with the corresponding transcripts. The complaint warns of the "degree of ferocious indoctrination perpetrated against these minors, with biased and biased political considerations, advocating genocide, mutilation, perpetrating crimes against humanity, the degrading treatment of the teacher against the male students of her class, with serious impairment of their physical and moral integrity due to sex." The complaint accuses Aurelia Vera of "crimes of threats, coercion, insults, hate crimes and against religious feelings; perpetrated by a public official against minors."

Francisco Serrano denounces that the institute is putting pressure on students

In addition, Serrano has said today that the secondary school, "instead of asking for explanations to the teacher indoctrinator of the PSOE, press the students to know who recorded the classes," and adds that none of them knows: "The parents put recorders in his backpacks without telling them." According to El Diario de Fuerteventura, instead of reproaching her councilor for the barbarities she has pronounced on underage students, the PSOE has shown its "support" to Aurelia Vera. The aforementioned newspaper also states that the teacher "is studying to go to the Educational Inspectorate so that the context in which the recording has been made is clarified and the pertinence of its publication on the Internet is investigated." The world upside down: it is the teacher who dares to demand measures against those who denounce the atrocities that she pronounced, and the institute does not take any action against her, but instead dedicates to persecuting the students. We should not only be alarmed by these purely totalitarian forms of indoctrination that are imposed on children against the will of their parents and in open contempt for their freedoms, but also by the arrogance of those who believe they have the right to impose that indoctrination and to persecute who oppose it, as if we lived in a socialist dictatorship.

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