They chased the killer and managed to reduce him with two chairs and a box

Sydney: the heroic reaction of several men against an Islamist who murdered a woman

A 21-year-old boy armed with a knife has murdered a woman today and injured another in Sydney, Australia. The young man walked several streets shouting "Allahu akbar" (Allah is the greatest).

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The facts occurred at noon around two o'clock (Australian Western Time). Seeing him touring George Street armed, screaming and stained with blood, and before the Police appeared, several men have rushed to chase him and have managed to reduce him using two chairs and a box of milk. An act of courage that has spread the Australian channel 7 News:

According to 7 News, one of the men shouted "Do you know how many people you just stabbed, you dog?". Another accused him of stabbing a girl. After the arrest of the young Islamist, a woman was found dead in a block of houses on Clarence Street, with puncture wounds in the neck and throat. Another woman suffered non-fatal puncture wounds. According to the Police, the murderer, identified as Mert Nay, tried to stab other people, but was unsuccessful. The Police have described as "heroes" the men who reduced the murderer: they "have jumped into this situation that was extremely hostile," Police Superintendent Gavin Wood said: "They have brought this person into custody and allowed us to do our job." My congratulations to those heroes, who with their courageous action have prevented the murderer from doing even more damage.

What do feminists have to say about these heroes?

I want to take this opportunity to point out feminists, who usually present men as oppressors of women, who have been several men who have starred in this heroic action. Remember that when you talk about "toxic masculinity." It is true that among men there are higher crime rates than among women, but the vast majority of police, military and firefighters who often risk their lives to protect others are also men. It is unfair and miserable that men are being demonized as gender feminism does, which has nothing to do with equity feminism (which seeks equality before the law between men and women). Promoting hatred against men has nothing to do with equality: it is a form of totalitarianism, morally comparable to the ideologies that promote hatred against other people because of their social class or race.

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