The Polish policy on Islamic refugees and its reflection on security

Immigration Control and Jihadism: An Illuminating Map about Europe and Poland

There has been a lot of talk in Europe about border control in recent years, particularly on policies to welcome immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries.

The risk posed by such security policies by facilitating the entry of jihadists into Europe is the motive of two European countries to reject the impositions of Brussels on the reception of refugees from countries such as Syria. These two European countries are Hungary and Poland. A few weeks ago Marcin Rzegocki explained in an article the Polish policy of supporting refugees, a policy of supporting them in their places of origin, as requested by Syrian Christians. However, the European Union is deaf to any argument in this regard. For my part, I will show you a much clearer and more direct argument:

This map shows the Islamist terrorist attacks (in red) and the police operations against jihadism (in blue) that have been made in Europe from January 1, 2014 until today. Leaving aside the peripheral countries (Baltic republics and Finland), Ukraine (which is experiencing a serious internal conflict) and Belarus (the last communist dictatorship in Europe), the abundance of cases in most of Europe is remarkable, except in Poland. In Poland, only the arrest of an Iraqi citizen in the summer of 2016 in possession of explosives has been recorded. I must point out that in the other countries I have not included all the police operations, because it would be an endless job. The number detained for jihadism in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain... are counted by hundreds since 2014. In the end, judge yourself who is right in dealing with the problem of the massive influx of Muslim immigration in Europe.

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