It is one of the European countries with the lowest percentage of Muslims

Fruits of islamization: Poland is the safest country for women in Continental Europe

Last Tuesday, the Australian edition of the Business Insider news website echoed a study on migration of global wealth prepared by the South African consultancy New World Wealth.

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Women's security indicates a country's wealth potential

"Part of that analysis involves reviewing the safest countries for women", notes the Australian newspaper, which includes the following quote from the report: "Woman safety is one of the best ways to gauge a country’s long term wealth growth potential, with a correlation of 92% between historic wealth growth and woman safety levels."

Australia, the safest in the world, and Malta, the best in Europe

Significantly, the world list of the ten safest countries for a woman is headed by Australia. The small archipelago of Malta, in second place, is the best placed European country. Another island country, Iceland, ranks third. The fourth is New Zealand, and the fifth is Canada. Significantly, the list only includes two countries in continental Europe: Poland, in sixth place, and the small and luxurious Monaco, in seventh. Israel, in the eighth position, is the only country in the Middle East that appears in the top ten. The United States is ninth and South Korea tenth. Among the top ten there is no Islamic country.

The effects of Islamization in the Nordic democracies

There is a curious fact that perhaps explains that in Europe, where the progressive ideology is becoming hegemonic, this study has hardly had repercussions: the Nordic democracies (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark), considered by many as the paradigm of the equality, are not among the top ten. If we stick to progressive and feminist criteria, should not that be where women feel most secure? What factor may have altered the idyllic Nordic egalitarianism? Significantly, Poland is one of the European countries with the least Muslim immigration. With less than 0.1%, it is the country in Eastern Europe with fewer Muslims per habitant, according to data from the Pew Resarch Center. The Nordic country with the lowest Islamic population is Finland, with 2.7%, a percentage that surpasses a country bordering Morocco, such as Spain (2.6%). Denmark has 5.4%, Norway 5.7% and Sweden 8.1%. The percentages in Central Europe are also high: Switzerland and Germany have 6.1%, the United Kingdom 6.3%, Austria 6.9%, the Netherlands 7.1%, Belgium 7.6% and France 8.8%.

Poland is also among the countries with the lowest terrorist threat

This radiography of Europe coincides with the data published by the British newspaper Express in February 2017. Because of the jihadist threat, countries on the list that are the safest for women, such as Malta, Iceland and Poland, are also among the places Europe with less terrorist threat, together with Switzerland, the Baltic republics, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Moldova, San Marino, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Those who have a high terrorist threat coincide in large measure with the aforementioned countries with more Islamic immigration: France, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany, as well as Russia and Turkey.


(Photo: Pawel Skraba - Reporter. A group of women from the National Reserve Force of the Polish Army during a military oath in Torun, Poland)

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