Rock Rialto launches its theme 'VII Nation Rising' with Spanish reenactors

The formidable music video of a Spanish band about World War II

An interesting music video set in World War II was published last Sunday. It shows German, American and Polish soldiers in combat.

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The theme is entitled “VII Nation Rising” and is the work of Rock Rialto, a Spanish band formed by three professional musicians who have a very special rock style, performed by Daniel Maqueda (violin), Jesús Villalba (piano) and Raúl Fossas (percussion). The music video is an instrumental mix composed of several familiar themes: “City of Stars” (from the movie “La la land”), “Madre anoche en las trincheras” (a theme of the Spanish Civil War recently popularized by Bruma Folk), “Uprising” (by Muse), “Fallout” (from the video game Fallout 4), “Seven Nation Army” (by The White Stripes) and “Sweet Dreams” (a classic 80’s by Eurythmics).

Reenactors of the various Spanish associations participated in the music video: Poland First to Fight (with uniforms of the 1st Polish Independent Paratrooper Brigade, which participated in Operation Market Garden in 1944), División Norland (with uniforms of the German Waffen SS) and Heroes of Rol (with American uniforms). You can watch the video here:

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