France has paid them a national tribute at the Palace of the Invalids

The tribute in Paris to 13 French soldiers fallen in the fight against jihadism in Mali

On November 25, thirteen French soldiers died in an act of service during an operation against jihadist terrorism in Mali, when the two helicopters in which they flew collided.

This is how the French Navy honored two fallen in the fight against jihadism
Multinational tribute in Besmayah to the Spanish military fallen in Iraq

The thirteen deceased belonged to the French Army and participated in Operation Barkhane to fight terrorism in the Sahel. The fallen were the following:

  • Adjudant-chef Julien Carette.
  • Captain Chomel de Jarnieu.
  • Captain Clément Frison-Roche.
  • Captain Benjamin Gireud.
  • Captain Nicolas Mégard.
  • Lieutenant Pierre Bockel.
  • Lieutenant Alex Morisse.
  • Maréchal-des-logis-chef Alexandre Protin.
  • Sergent-chef Andreï Jouk.
  • Maréchal-des-logis Valentin Duval.
  • Maréchal-des-logis-chef Jérémy Leusie.
  • Maréchal-des-logis Antoine Serre.
  • Brigadier-chef Romain Salles de Saint Paul.

This fact has been the biggest loss of life in a French military action since 1983. Today, hundreds of military, police and veterans have paid honors to the funeral procession in their transfer to the Palace of the Invalids:

Once in Les Invalides, the thirteen fallen have received a national tribute led by the president of France:

My condolences to the families of the thirteen fallen and my tribute from Spain to these soldiers, who have died in an act of service during an operation that aims to create a safer world against the scourge of Islamist terrorism, a struggle in the that Spanish military personnel deployed in Mali are also collaborating.

Rest in peace.


Photos: Associated Press - AFP/Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt.

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