Scandalous double yardstick of an organism controlled by socialists

The infamous UN statements praising Cuba while criticizing the democratic Chile

The United Nations Organization is committed to abandoning its founding principles to adopt the ideological agendas of the left wing. This week it has given clear evidence of this.

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The embarrassing UN statement praising Cuba

Last Sunday, the official UN account in Spanish on Twitter published a statement openly praising Cuba, subject to a communist dictatorship, for granting free childcare and paid maternity and paternity leave:

What the UN does not say about Cuba and its communist dictatorship

Curiously, although this statement is published now, it links a story published on the UN website on June 12, in which a happy family is seen. Of course, the bedroom of the house has all the chipped walls, a sign of the enormous poverty that exists in Cuba, but about which the UN does not speak. In fact, in all the news there is not a single reference to the systematic violations of human rights on that island, subject to a communist dictatorship for 60 years. Nor is there talk about the shortage of products that Cubans suffer (something that has already happened in European communist dictatorships). It is enough to do a simple Twitter search to verify that the UN account frequently praises Cuba and rarely criticizes that dictatorship, and when it does it is always distributing criticism also to other countries, such as Colombia, which is a democracy subjected to violent harassment for decades by communist terrorist grupos such as the FARC or the ELN.

A day before praising Cuba the UN lashed out at the democratic Chile

There is the paradox that a day before publishing that complimentary statement to Cuba, the same Twitter account of the UN directed harsh criticism to a democratic country such as Chile, ensuring that its police and military "committed serious human rights violations during the protests", but omitting any reference to the brutal wave of violence unleashed by the far-left in the country, including building fires, subway stations and police attacks:

The controversial designation of the socialist Bachelet as High Commissioner for human rights

As it happens, the current UN high commissioner for human rights is the leftist Michelle Bachelet, former president of Chile. In fact, she was the predecessor of the current president, right-wing Sebastián Piñera. It should be remembered that Bachelet belongs to the Socialist Party, and was appointed for his current position by the Portuguese Antonio Guterres, UN secretary general and member of the Socialist Party of Portugal, a formation that currently governs in the Iberian country by the hand of the communists. When she was nominated for her current position, the NGO UN Watch denounced Bachelet's support "to governments that have violated human rights such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua," recalling that being president of Chile, she visited Cuba in 2018 without meeting with no member of the democratic opposition and without making any request to the communist regime in relation to their human rights violations.

An admirer of dictator Fidel Castro watching over human rights?

Likewise, UN Watch recalled Bachelet's praise to dictator Fidel Castro after his death in 2016, calling him "a leader for dignity and social justice in Cuba and Latin America" ​​(a statement strongly criticized in Chile). Bachelet also praised Hugo Chavez, calling him "a great friend" after his death in 2013. Also, being president of Chile, Bachelet refused to condemn the Maduro regime and qualify it as dictatorship, and did not dedicate a single tweet to criticize the Ortega regime in Nicaragua, responsible for numerous human rights violations. So far, Bachelet has not published a tweet of criticism of the Cuban communist regime. Last July, a group of 630 citizens of Cuba sent a letter to the High Commissioner to invite her to visit that country and check the abuses committed by her Government. To date they are still waiting for an answer, while Bachelet is dedicated to launching accusations against a democratic country like Chile, which is facing a dramatic wave of far-left terrorism.


Photo: Patrick Gruban. The UN General Assembly in New York.

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