Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Cuba, China and Venezuela are part of that organization

UN Human Rights Council: 68 resolutions against Israel and none against Venezuela

A few hours ago there was a story that I think worth celebrating: United States abandoned the so-called UN "Human Rights Council", a farce set in motion in 2006.

Poland and Hungary stand out from EU support for abortion and gender ideology at the UN

Communist dictatorships and absolute monarchies are part of the Council

Among the current members of that Council are dictatorships that violate human rights such as Cuba, China and Venezuela, and absolute monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in which religious minorities such as Christians are discriminated against and even persecuted, and in which women suffer atrocious discrimination. It is really grotesque that a council that claims to protect human rights is formed by countries that systematically violate them, countries that also allow themselves to prosecute and condemn democratic countries such as Israel.

The Council has condemned 68 times to Israel and only 6 to Iran

Since its inception, the Council has shown a brazen anti-Israel bias, which is reflected in the figures of its resolutions, published yesterday by Hillel Neuer, president of UN Watch, an NGO that has consultative status with the UN. These are the countries against which the council has issued condemn resolutions:

  • Israel: 68
  • Syria: 20
  • Burma: 11
  • North Korea: 9
  • Belarus: 6
  • Iran: 6
  • Eritrea: 5
  • Sudan: 3
  • Sri Lanka: 3
  • Libya: 2
  • Burundi: 1
  • Honduras: 1

Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela and Zimbabwe have not been the object of any resolution against the Council, despite the serious human rights violations that occur in those countries. Pakistan, where Christians are victims of constant Islamist violence, has not received any resolution against them either. Nor Turkey. It is really grotesque that a democracy like Israel has 68 resolutions against it and a brutal dictatorship like North Korea only 9. And anyone would say, looking at the list of countries with the most resolutions of condemnation, that is Israel and not Iran the country in which that the adulteresses are stoned, the homosexuals hanged and the women brutally discriminated.

Spain and all the other democratic countries that make up this council should follow in the footsteps of the United States and abandon it. It is intolerable that these countries are endorsing with their presence a mockery of human rights like the one that has been done by that agency.

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