A 'group of experts' of the UN criticizes Poland for protecting the unborn

Poland and Hungary stand out from EU support for abortion and gender ideology at the UN

Today the Polish newspaper Nasz Dziennik echoes the plans of the European Union to promote abortion and gender ideology at the UN. Only two member countries reject this imposition.

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The Council of the EU calls "human rights" to kill unborn children

This ideological agenda, contrary to the human rights of unborn children and which aims to make compulsory the dogmas of leftist feminism in the EU, is derived from a document entitled "Council Conclusions on the EU's priorities for 2018 in the forums of the European Union. United Nations on Human Rights" (see PDF here), approved on February 26 by the Council of the European Union in Brussels. It is a paradox that the document invokes human rights to injure them, because in point 6 of that document, the Council of the EU manifests its support to "sexual and reproductive health and rights," a euphemism with which several international organizations are promoting for years a series of abortion policies that have, as a main basis, the suppression of the human rights of unborn children.

The gender ideology, disguised as 'perspective'

In that same point 6, the Council of the EU affirms that it will continue trying "to seek the integration of the gender perspective throughout the work of the Human Rights Council, the General Assembly and other human rights fora". The concept "gender perspective" is the euphemism used by international progressivism to disguise the gender ideology, a political doctrine created in the Marxist ranks that denies the biological basis of social and cultural differences between men and women, and argues that the woman is oppressed by the man. In practice, this ideology transfers the Marxist thesis of the class struggle to the sexes.

Hungary and Poland distance themselves from these two ideological impositions

Nasz Dziennik points out that only Poland and Hungary have set themselves apart from "the most dangerous wording" of that document. Both countries have made special statements, according to the Polish newspaper. According to the Treaty of Lisbon, this means that the State in question is not obliged to apply the decision taken by the rest. Decisions on the common foreign policy of the EU must be unanimous, according to Art. 31 of the Treaty of Lisbon, so Poland or Hungary could simply put a veto on that document, but have chosen another less demanding option. According to Polish MEP Marek Jurek, of the party Prawica Rzeczypospolitej (Right Wing of the Republic), "Poland must strongly oppose and present an alternative, as this roller questions the basic principles and social institutions in an unstoppable way".

The UN presses Poland not to protect unborn children

Furthermore, this Thursday, March 22, a "group of experts" of the UN Human Rights Committee has attacked Poland because a popular legislative initiative entitled "Zatrzymaj aborcję" (Stop abortion), which it seeks to offer legal protection to unborn children who suffer a disability. At present, and although Poland has one of the European laws that most protects unborn children, in the Slavic country it is still allowed to abort when the unborn child suffers from Down syndrome or any other disability. On Monday, the legislative initiative was approved by the Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish Parliament. If this initiative comes to pass, Poland would take a historic step to combat eugenics abortion and protect the disabled from the beginning of their lives.

Protecting the lives of the most innocent is "violating human rights"?

In his statement, the UN "expert group" accuses Poland of "violating Poland’s international human rights obligations," by restricting access to abortion for mothers who want to get rid of their children. The declaration is the height of cynicism, since with this popular legislative initiative it is intended to protect the human rights of everyone, including the unborn. Abortionist policies are those that violate those rights. We must remember that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is the fundamental text of the UN, is clear in its Article 3: "Everyone has the right to life." The article does not differentiate between born humans and unborn humans. Throughout the Declaration there is no mention of abortion as "right". However, certain member countries and powerful pressure groups have managed, for years, to have abortion included in UN policies disguised with the aforementioned euphemism of "sexual and reproductive rights". But we must remember the obvious: abortion is not a right, it is violating the right to life of the most innocent and defenseless. And in this sense we must congratulate Poland and Hungary for rejecting the abortionist impositions of certain international organizations. What I regret, as a Spaniard, is that the Government of Spain be on the side of those who want to impose on us abortion and gender ideology.


(Photo: Viktor Orbán's Facebook Page. The first ministers of Poland and Hungary, Mateusz Morawieck and Viktor Orbán, during a visit by the Polish ruler to Budapest last January)

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