The first phase of the plan began in the Central European country this Monday

The Polish Gov. explains what the Spanish Gov. does not say: the stages of reopening

The poor management of the coronavirus epidemic by the Spanish Government is not limited to its measures, but also to its lack of information. This is not the case in other countries.

The example of Poland vs the coronavirus: what the Spanish Gov should have done and did not
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Spain: a Government without plans and with disastrous forecasts for the economy

Yesterday a deputy from the Popular Party, Guillermo Mariscal, asked the Health Minister, Salvador Illa, what the reopening will be like in Spain. The minister’s response was arrogant and rude, his way of disguising that he did not know how to answer that question, since today the Spanish Government does not have any provision in this regard. The most that we have known on this matter consists of statements by the communist minister Yolanda Díaz in which she spoke of two major phases, which would include the opening of the tourism sector at the end of the year or early 2021: a veritable nonsense that would mean losses of 124,000 million euros, a real disaster for this sector.

Poland: a Government that was farsighted and that has already begun the reopening

The opposite case occurs in Poland. As you will remember, the Government of Mateusz Morawiecki began to take measures against the epidemic before confirming the first contagion, so that today Poland has 10,511 infected and 454 dead, and that on a population of 37.97 million inhabitants (for example, Catalonia, with 7.5 million inhabitants, has 23,647 infected and 4,343 deaths according to the incomplete figures of the Spanish Ministry of Health).

The difference between the two countries is also noticeable at the level of official information. A week ago, the Polish Government announced through its official news agency, the Polska Agencja Prasowa, what the stages of reopening will be in that country, a reopening that began this Monday, April 20, with the reopening of parks and gardens. and the reduction of the capacity limitation in stores, with the requirement of wearing masks and gloves. I show you here the translation with some indications in square brackets:

Stages of the government’s economy opening plan: presentation by the Prime Minister’s Chancellery

Below is the plan to open up the economy, as presented by the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. During the press conference, government representatives emphasized that the first stage would apply from April 20 and that the deadline for the introduction of the following stages would depend on the development of the epidemic.


  1. New rules in commerce and services: up to 100 square meters – 4 people for a cash register; more than 100 square meters – 1 person for every 15 square meters;
  2. Possibility of moving for recreational purposes (social distance and covering the face);
  3. Open access to forests and parks, excluding playgrounds;
  4. Religious worship – 4 people per 15 square meters;
  5. Exemption from the restriction of movement without adults for those over 13 years of age.

STAGE II: esterday the Polish government spokesman confirmed that this stage will start in early May]

  1. Opening of marquetry shops on weekends;
  2. Opening of hotels and hospitality business;
  3. Opening of some cultural institutions: libraries, museums, art galleries.


  1. Gastronomy: stationary with restrictions;
  2. Opening of hairdressers and beauty salons;
  3. Opening of stores in shopping malls;
  4. Sports events for up to 50 people (in an open space, without public participation);
  5. Organization of nurseries, kindergartens and school classes 1-3 (maximum fixed number of children in the room).


  1. Opening of massage rooms and solariums;
  2. Enabling gyms;
  3. Theaters and cinemas in the new health regime.

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