In 2019 she criticized the Spanish Police; now she attacks the Polish Police

Controversy about the scandalous support of an European commissioner for leftist bullying

The Government of the European Union is entering an increasingly dangerous path in its attacks against some European countries, as demonstrated yesterday.

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The aggression of an LGTB activist against an anti-pedophile campaign in Warsaw

Yesterday I spoke to you on this blog about the aggression committed by an anarchist LGTB activist, Michał Szutowicz, alias "Margot" (the one who appears surrounded by a circle in the image that heads these lines), against an anti-pedophile campaign called "Stop Pedofilii" (Stop Pedophilia), promoted by the Fundacja Pro-Prawo do Życia. This organization published on YouTube the video of the aggression committed by Szutowicz against a vehicle of that campaign and against one of its occupants:

As I also explained yesterday, Szutowicz is a member of a group, Stop Bzdurom, which has called for illegal action against this anti-pedophile campaign. As a result of the aggression proven by the video that we have just seen, this Friday a court sentenced Szutowicz to two months of arrest. As I also indicated yesterday, the Prosecutor's Office had accused Szutowicz of the attack on the vehicle (he is one of those that appears in the video), specifically of "cutting the tires, cutting the canvas, ripping off a mirror, removing the license plate, damaging the rear view camera and staining the vehicle with paint", and hitting one of the occupants of the van, causing injuries to his back and left wrist.

An European commissioner launches a hoax to demand the release of the detainee

This Saturday, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the European Commission, the Bosnian Dunja Mijatović, demanded the "immediate release" of the LGBT activist, stating that he was arrested "for blocking an anti-LGTB hate van" and for putting rainbow flags on Warsaw monuments, in a controversial message that has received an avalanche of criticism on Twitter:

To begin with, the trial for the desecration of those monuments, which I also referred to yesterday, has not yet been held. Likewise, "Margot" was not arrested for "blocking" a van, but for vandalizing it and assaulting one of its occupants. Finally, the aforementioned van was not part of an "anti-LGTB hate campaign", but rather of an anti-pedophile campaign. It is outrageous that a European commissioner lies so boldly and, furthermore, seeks to usurp the functions of judges. Curiously, it is the same European Union that accuses Poland of attacking judicial independence.

Polish Police publishes proof of assault

After the publication of Dunja Mijatović's hoax yesterday morning, at noon the official account of the Polish Police answered that lie by publishing the video of the aggression committed by "Margot":

The message in Polish reads as follows: "Michał Sz. (acknowledging himself as Margot) was arrested by court decision, among others for the acts immortalized in the attached recording. The arrest by the Police is associated only with the decision of the Court, illegal and aggressive conduct of the aforementioned. #Facts".

On the arrest of other LGTB activists this Friday when they tried to violently prevent the arrest of Szutowicz, some arrests also denounced by Mijatović on her personal Twitter, the Polish Police published another message showing the acts of violence of these LGTB activists:

This second message reads as follows: "Among the detainees there are also people who attacked police officers, insulted officers and destroyed the sound equipment and a police car by jumping on the roof and hood of the vehicle."

Scandalous European Commission support for leftist bullying

The message between the lines transmitted by the Polish Police is easy to understand: in Poland no one is above the law. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, you have no right to assault anyone or attack a vehicle causing damage. On the contrary, the message that the European Commissioner seems to want to convey is that LGBT have the right to assault those who have a different opinion and should not be punished for it. What Dunja Mijatović defends is not equality, but the privilege of leftist groups to attack others without any consequence.

That commissioner has already criticized the Spanish Police during the separatist riots in Catalonia

In fact, in 2019, Commissioner Mijatović already supported the violent separatists who demonstrated in Catalonia, attacking the National Police, to protest against the ruling of the Supreme Court condemning the leaders of the separatist coup of October 1, 2017. Mijatović criticized the "disproportionate use of force and inappropriate use of anti-riot weapons by the police on demonstrators", while the far-left separatist staged scenes of violence such as these:

That statement by the commissioner has already caused controversy, being answered by the non-nationalist opposition in the Catalan regional Parliament. Now Mijatović is back to her old ways, this time against Poland. It is shameful to see the European Commission blessing this leftist bullying and attacking Police officers from Poland and Spain, who limit themselves to enforcing the law in the face of violent activists. And then they will still complain about the rise in "Euroscepticism" ...

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