Popular Party, socialists and communists reject the 'Stop Pedophilia' project

Aberrant EU resolution to force Poland to promote sex and abortion among children

The European Parliament continues to violate the sovereignty of member countries to promote the leftist ideological agenda, and once again with the support of the European People's Party.

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What the popular legislative initiative 'Stop Pedofilii' calls for

On March 29, a popular legislative initiative entitled "Stop Pedofilii" (Stop Pedophilia), backed by more than 265,000 signatures, was registered in the Sejm (Polish Parliament). It is a social initiative that has emerged in that country because of the use of sex education in schools to promote sexual practices among children. This initiative (see PDF) aims to modify Article 200b of the Polish Criminal Code. Currently, the only point in this article penalizes the public promotion of pedophilia. The Stop Pedofilii initiative wants to introduce a second point that penalizes the promotion of sexual relations between minors, and some third and fourth points that introduce this promotion as aggravating through the media, by teachers or through schools.

The project has the support of the ruling party in Poland

The Sejm made a first reading of this popular legislative initiative on October 15, receiving the support of the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość party (PiS, Law and Justice), which currently rules in the Slavic country with an absolute majority. The deputy of the PiS Andrzej Matusiewicz pointed out that the project implements one of the guiding principles of the Polish legal order: the principle of protecting the child's good, protecting children against content that negatively affects their mental and social development. Some opposition members, in turn, accused PiS of wanting to "prohibit sexualization" and asked to totally reject the "Stop Pedofilii" initiative. The leftist deputy Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus even accused the promoters of that initiative to have "a sick imagination." From the Stop Pedofilii, Olgierd Pankiewicz replied to the deputy that talking about "sick imagination" in the context of pedophilia and the protection of children from being publicly portrayed as sexual objects, "resembles US pedophile advocates in the 1960s and 1970s." From Stop Pedofilii they have lamented that the deputy "seemed to have not read the actual provisions of the project, but only the media articles."

Stop Pedofilii denies false news about that initiative

On October 22, and before the campaign of falsehoods promoted by the opposition and its related media against that initiative, Stop Pedofilii said that it is "a lie" that they to go against "teachers, educators or doctors who warn children against diseases venereal, sexual harassment and pornography or inform them about the biological development of man", noting that none of that appears in the bill. Likewise, they have indicated that their initiative "does not prohibit the classes and workshops in which students are taught a knowledge about love based on maturity and responsibility." Stop Pedofilii has pointed out that "the threat is the depravity of children, also in schools," using as an example the messages that encourage 4-year-olds to "learn about the joy of masturbation." They have also denied that the project prohibits talking about sex with your own children, a falsehood extended by the television channel wRealu24: "The accusation is absurd," Stop Pedofilii points out. They have also denied fake news that ensured that the project criminalizes sexual relations between minors between 15 and 18 years, as the age of consent in Poland (15 years) is regulated by Article 200 of the Criminal Code, and this popular legislative initiative does not ask for modification.

A motion in Brussels based on fake news and imposing abortion and gender ideology

On November 6, the fake news about this initiative was completely clogged in the European Parliament with a motion proposal promoted - among others - by deputies of the European People's Party, the Socialist Party and the extreme left of the GUE/NGL, which it brings together some communist parties. The text uses a falsehood from its very title, because it speaks of "criminalization of sexual education in Poland", something that the promoters of the law had already denied. The motion also states that this bill could affect - among others - parents, also denied by Stop Pedofilii. In addition, the text of the motion includes the axioms and terminology of the gender ideology promoted by the left, and encourages all member states to introduce a sex education that includes abortion. That is, they are not satisfied with rejecting the Stop Pedofilii bill, but they also want Poland to promote the killing of unborn children from schools.

Populars, socialists and communists trample on the sovereignty of Poland

Finally, the motion condemns the aforementioned Polish bill, accusing it of "transmitting erroneous content" (which is precisely what this motion does) and of "stigmatise and ban sexuality education," which is openly false, as Stop Pedofilii noted. The most amazing thing is that based on these falsehoods, which they take for good various lies published by the media and not what that bill actually says, the European Parliament "calls on the Polish Parliament to refrain from adopting the proposed draft law". But who are these MEPs to tell the Polish Parliament, based on lies, the bills they must pass, trampling on their sovereignty? Moreover, the motion frames that bill in what it considers "violations of fundamental rights in Poland." Is protecting children from sexual propaganda inappropriate for their age violating fundamental rights?

A Spanish deputy of the Popular Party celebrates the triumph of the motion with applause

Finally, this aberrant resolution has been approved today with 471 votes in favor, 128 against and 57 abstentions. The approved text (PDF) can be seen here. As noted by the Spanish MEP of Vox (partner party of the PiS) Hermann Tertsch, Esteban González Pons (of the Popular Party) has applauded the triumph of that aberrant resolution that violates the sovereignty of Poland and that seeks to impose gender ideology, promotion of sex between minors and abortion in schools in that country. Tertsch has qualified the Popular Party as "thug of the Polish left." In turn, Stop Pedofilii has denounced: "Instead of protecting children against sexualization in their countries, they plan to impose it in Poland." The Polish initiative has recalled what happened this summer in the United Kingdom when a school expelled two Christian students for not wanting to participate in the activities of the "LGBT Pride." Stop Pedofilii has pointed out that cases like that "do not bother the European Parliament", but a Polish initiative that fights against the depravity of children. Is this why the European Union was founded?

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