A population equivalent to that of the cities of Barcelona, Valencia and Segovia

Abortion has killed 2.5 million unborn children in Spain: that's how they would be today

The Spanish Ministry of Health published yesterday the figures of induced abortions for 2019 in Spain: in 211 abortion centers, a total of 99,149 unborn children were killed.

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2,482,750 abortions in 34 years according to official records

In total, there are already 2,482,750 human lives killed in their prenatal age since the decriminalization of abortion in Spain in 1985, according to official records, to which should be added those of 2020, which, seeing the evolution of this scourge, may possibly be around 100,000. In other words, today we would be talking about at least 2.5 million murdered unborn children, a number proper to a genocide. To give us an idea of what this massacre means, that number is equivalent to having killed all the inhabitants of the cities of Barcelona, Valencia and Segovia. That is what some consider "progress".

The political culprits of this massacre

Regarding the political responsibility for these deaths, it corresponds equally to all the parties that supported the two laws that allowed this massacre (1985 and 2010), to the parties that could have repealed them did not do so, and to the Constitutional Tribunal: the appeal to the abortion law of 2010 presented that year by the PP has not been resolved for 10 years by that court. In total, in 20 years of Socialist Party (PSOE) governments 1,377,293 abortions were perpetrated, and in 12 years of Popular Party (PP) governments 1,105,457 were perpetrated. Given these figures, when it comes to the most defenseless, what difference does it make since they govern one or the other?

This is how those 2.5 million unborn children would be today

As I did in other years, I want us to think a little about what it means to kill such a number of human beings over 34 years, imagining what those lives would be like today, roughly:

  • Some 99,000 would be babies starting to walk. Step by step, little by little. It is a larger number of babies than the inhabitants of the city of Lugo.
  • Almost 96,000 would be learning to speak. Their first words would be, like many, "mom" and "dad". It is a figure higher than the number of inhabitants of the city of Las Rozas de Madrid.
  • More than 94,000 would have started their first year of school. A figure equivalent to the inhabitants of the city of Lorca.
  • More than 280,000 would already be in Early Childhood Education. It is an amount greater than the population of the city of Gijón.
  • 775,000 would be studying Primary Education. They would be learning to read, write, add, subtract ... It is a figure equivalent to the total population of Vigo and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • Some 470,000 are already in their teens. They would already have gangs of friends, some would be discovering what it means to fall in love, others would already be thinking about what they want to do in life ... It is a figure equivalent to the total population of Bilbao and León.
  • Some 77,000 are about to enter university, vocational training or starting their working lives. Among them would be future geniuses that Humanity has lost forever. It is a similar figure to the population of Orihuela.
  • Some 506,000 would be in their twenties by now. Some would be in college, others already working. Among them there would already be volunteers, aid workers, doctors, engineers, biologists, firefighters, soldiers, policemen, athletes, teachers ... Their number is equal to the sum of the inhabitants of Murcia and Huesca.
  • Some 110,000 would already be starting a family and having children. Those children will never be born, not their grandchildren, not their great-grandchildren ... When you end a life, you destroy all the generations linked to them. Everything they were going to contribute to our society has been lost forever. Their number is greater than that of the inhabitants of the city of Orense.

In what society have we become that something like this only worries, to this day, a political party of all those that make up the parliamentary arch? At present - and this says a lot against other political options - only Vox aspires to repeal the abortion law. For my part, it is the strongest reason I have to continue voting for that party.

I end these lines, like other times, with a phrase from the Jewish Talmud that I often remember when thinking about this question. I am a Catholic, but I fully subscribe to it:

"Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world."

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