This system has already shot down hundreds of rockets of Hamas and Hezbollah

Iron Dome: An impressive test of Israel's mobile air defense system

Israel is a country whose inhabitants live under constant threat from rockets and missiles launched from Gaza by Hamas and from Lebanon by Hezbollah.

Gaza needs an Iron Dome against Hamas: more than 400 of its rockets landed there

To deal with air attacks by these terrorist groups, Israel has a formidable mobile air defense system, the Kipat Barzel (also known as the Iron Dome), which has already been responsible for shooting down hundreds of missiles and rockets, saving numerous lives.

Recently, the Israel Missile Defense Organization held a demonstration of a new Iron Dome upgrade. Israeli missiles - which have the ability to shoot down planes, missiles, rockets or drones - had the mission of shooting down multiple targets simultaneously. The result was spectacular, as you can see in this video:

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