The Auschwitz Memorial has asked the newspaper As, of PRISA Group, to rectify

A progressive Spanish newspaper describes Auschwitz as "Polish" without citing Germany

Poland had to suffer that Germany invaded its territory and committed genocide against its people, and now some people attribute these atrocities to Poland.

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The newspaper As describes Auschwitz as a "Polish concentration camp"

An example of this manipulation is what the newspaper As has done today, a medium belonging to the PRISA Group, the main media conglomerate of the progressive left in Spain. This Saturday, that newspaper publishes a story with this headline: "They find a possible mass burial camp at Auschwitz" (a copy of the story can be seen here in case they change it). The first paragraph refers to this death camp as the "scene of one of the largest Nazi death centers in Poland." The last paragraph of the news item calls Auschwitz a "Polish concentration camp". In that same paragraph it is indicated that among the victims of that camp there were also Poles.

Not a single mention of Germany appears in the news

The paradox is that in all the news there is not a single mention of Germany. The name "German" does not appear either. Anyone who ignores history - and unfortunately today more and more people are unaware of our past - will think that Poland built an extermination camp to assassinate its own people. This afternoon the Auschwitz Memorial asked the newspaper As to rectify that statement, and recalled that it was a "German concentration and extermination camp created in occupied Poland", and not a "Polish" camp.

Poles were the largest group of Auschwitz victims

As to the fact that there were also Polish prisoners at Auschwitz, the more correct statement should be that among their victims the Poles were the largest group. The first Auschwitz prisoners were 728 Poles transferred to that camp on June 14, 1940 from Tarnów. Along with them, 30 German criminals were taken to the camp who were named as kapos or trusted prisoners. The US Holocaust Museum notes that between 300,000 and 380,000 Polish Jews were murdered at Auschwitz.

In addition, it should be noted that according to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, between 130,000 and 140,000 ethnic Poles were registered as prisoners in that camp, to which must be added some 10,000 ethnic Polish prisoners who were not registered. "At least half of the Poles imprisoned there are estimated to have died as a result of starvation, beating, sickness, excessive labor, failure to receive medical care, and execution by shooting, lethal injection of phenol, or murdered in the gas chambers. Many prisoners died soon after being transferred to other concentration camps," the aforementioned museum adds. Among those ethnic Poles, mostly Catholics, there were priests and religious like Saint Maximilian Kolbe, who was assassinated in that camp.

Another PRISA newspaper attacked Poland for proving that the Auschwitz sentries were German

It is not the first time that a newspaper from the PRISA Group has attacked Poland in an attempt to manipulate that painful part of its history. In 2017, another PRISA newspaper, El País, got angry with Poland for documenting that the Auschwitz guards were German, and accused Poland of rewriting its history and being "victim and executioner". The reason for this anger is that El País, to this day, continues to spread the anti-Polish libels created by Stalinism. Let us remember that it was precisely Pravda, the newspaper of the Communist Party of the USSR, the first to attribute the German death camps to the Poles. It did it in 1945 with one purpose: to erase the complicity of the Soviets themselves with Nazi Germany. Recall that Hitler and Stalin started World War II as allies and jointly invading Poland.

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