Poland awarded him the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit on Thursday

A much deserved decoration to Hermann Tertsch for his support to an admirable Nation

Poland is a country that has bled to death in defense of freedom. “Za wolność naszą i waszą”, for our and your freedom, as the Poles say.

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A Nation that faced the two great totalitarianisms

During the past century, Poles have bravely faced the two great totalitarianisms, communism and national-socialism, both in the Polish-Soviet War (1919-1921) and in World War II and the Cold War. Poland paid a very high price in that fight: both communists and Nazis committed crimes of genocide against the Polish people, which was the one that lost the highest percentage of the population during World War II.

In those difficult moments, Poland had the Catholic faith, honor and patriotism as the pillars of its resistance. Today the Polish military banners remember their three reasons for being on their backs: “Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna” (God, Honor, Fatherland). Today Poland is experiencing difficult times again. Some want to take away its faith and sovereignty from it, to turn it back into a slave country.

Poland has never had as many allies as other countries to deal with threats. It fought alone against the Bolsheviks in 1920, went back to fighting alone against Germans and Soviets in 1939, and continued to fight alone in the underground of the Nazi occupation and later under the communist dictatorship… But it never gave up. It is an admirable Nation and the authentic moral reference that many Westerners who are witnessing the decadence imposed by the progressive consensus have at this time. Poland has few but valuable friends, and one of them is the Spanish MEP Hermann Tertsch of Vox.

A Spanish journalist who came to Poland in 1985

Tertsch arrived in Poland in 1985, in the midst of the communist dictatorship, as a correspondent for the newspaper El País. He then he began a stage in his life that led him to get to know the Polish people well. Last month he wrote:Poland, today like yesterday, even when he disappeared from the map because of the appetites of the great neighbors, it was always a bulwark of the best Europe. Today in front of the external and internal enemy.” In his current stage as MEP, Tertsch has defended the freedom and dignity of Poland in the European institutions, in the face of the ideological persecution unleashed by the left and the centrists against the native country of Saint John Paul II for refusing to submit to the dictates of the pogressive lobbies.

Poland awards Tertsch the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit

This Thursday, the charge d’affaires of the Polish Embassy in Madrid, Karina Węgrzynowska, awarded Hermann Tertsch the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, awarded at the proposal of the President of that Republic, Andrzej Duda. The Order of Merit is a decoration awarded to those who have rendered a “great service” to the Polish Nation throughout a long life history. Tertsch more than deserves it.

This medal moves me a lot, confirms my love story with Poland, and confirms that when you are allied with the best, you know that you are on the right track,” Tertsch said yesterday during the ceremony held at the Polish Embassy in Madrid. The Vox MEP highlighted “the solidarity of the Polish people, their cohesion, the Faith in their identity and in the Christian message”, and showed his conviction that “the strength of the Western alliance is vital and makes Poland its main bastion”, highlighting as a fundamental value the “stubbornness for freedom” of the Polish Nation in the face of the empire of evil and adversity.

The event was attended by other elected officials and leaders of Vox, including Jorge Buxadé, Javier Ortega Smith, Macarena Olona, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros and Víctor González, as well as the President of the Disenso Foundation, Jorge Martín Frías. I want to highlight these beautiful words that Tertsch has dedicated to Poland, showing his decoration:

Poland has fought for its freedom and identity even since its non-existence as a State and in hiding on its land. I dedicate this medal with which I honor all of VOX and its millions of voters who will return to Spain, so vilely betrayed, its freedom and its greatness.”

It is always an honor to receive a decoration from a country as admirable as Poland, but in this case, furthermore, that great Nation does nothing more than be grateful to an admirable person who has defended it so many times. Congratulations Hermann!

Photos: Vox / Jorge Buxadé.

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