The Russians have lost nearly 1,500 military vehicles, including 238 tanks

The figures of the Russian military disaster three weeks after the start of the invasion of Ukraine

Today marks three weeks since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. An aggression that has turned into a military disaster for the invaders.

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The Russians are deadlocked on all fronts

We are going to analyze next the situation of the Russian Army at this point of the invasion, with the data that we have. Today, at 12:00 CET, the UK Ministry of Defence published this map of the situation of Russian forces in Ukraine, with data collected by British Defence Intelligence:

As you can see, most of the country is still under the control of the Ukrainian government. The Russian Army has not yet been able to take Mariupol, the main city on the shores of the Sea of Azov, located halfway between the Russian forces from Donbas and those coming from Crimea. This morning, at 06:58 CET, the British Ministry of Defence published the following intelligence summary, made up of three points:

  • "The Russian invasion of Ukraine has largely stalled on all fronts".
  • "Russian forces have made minimal progress on land, sea or air in recent days and they continue to suffer heavy losses".
  • "Ukrainian resistance remains staunch and well-coordinated. The vast majority of Ukrainian territory, including all major cities, remains in Ukrainian hands."

Russia is using older weapons and causing more civilian casualties

In the report published yesterday by the British very interesting things were pointed out about what it means for Russia not to see its objectives achieved with this invasion:

  • "Given the delays in achieving their objectives and failure to control Ukrainian airspace, Russia has probably expended far more stand-off air launched weapons than originally planned."
  • "As a result, it is likely Russia is resorting to the use of older, less precise weapons, which are less militarily effective and more likely to result in civilian casualties."
  • "Latest UN reporting indicates that 1,900 civilian casualties, including 726 deaths, have already occurred in the conflict to date. The true casualty figure is likely to be significantly greater and will continue to rise as long as the conflict continues."

This morning at 9:00 CET, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office noted that Russian attacks have already killed 108 children and injured 120.

Russian military losses according to Ukraine

Today at 10:17 CET, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has released these figures for Russian losses:

  • 14.000 soldiers.
  • 444 tanks.
  • 1.435 armored vehicles.
  • 201 artillery systems.
  • 72 surface-to-surface missile launch systems.
  • 43 air defense systems.
  • 86 airplanes.
  • 108 helicopters.
  • 864 military vehicles of other types.
  • 3 ships.
  • 60 tank trucks.
  • 11 unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • 10 special teams.

The documented losses of military vehicles on both sides

The website, which has been documenting the losses of both sides since February 24, offers the following figures for Russian military losses:

  • 1,478 vehicles lost in total, of them 673 destroyed, 24 damaged, 218 abandoned and 562 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 238 tanks lost, of them 90 destroyed, 3 damaged, 39 abandoned and 106 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 152 armored fighting vehicles lost, of them 58 destroyed, 32 abandoned and 62 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 218 infantry fighting vehicles lost, of them 104 destroyed, 1 damaged, 30 abandoned and 80 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 70 armored personnel carriers lost, of them 21 destroyed, 14 abandoned and 35 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 11 Mine Resistant Vehicles (MRAP) lost, of which 3 destroyed, 3 abandoned and 3 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 52 infantry mobility vehicles lost, of which 29 destroyed, 3 damaged, 5 abandoned and 15 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 9 communication stations lost, of them 2 destroyed, 4 abandoned and 3 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 43 engineers vehicles lost, of them 13 destroyed, 8 abandoned and 22 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 61 anti-tank guided missiles lost, of them 24 abandoned and 37 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 24 man-portable surface-to-air missiles (MANPADS) lost, all of them captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 5 heavy mortars lost, all of them captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 33 pieces of towed artillery lost, of them 4 destroyed, 2 damaged, 4 abandoned and 23 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 35 self-propelled artillery vehicles (ATP) lost, of them 9 destroyed, 12 abandoned and 14 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 25 multiple rocket launchers lost, of them 10 destroyed, 4 abandoned and 12 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 2 anti-aircraft guns lost, both captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 9 self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery systems lost, of them 5 destroyed, 3 abandoned and 1 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 32 surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems lost, of which 14 destroyed, 1 damaged, 7 abandoned and 10 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 2 radars lost, 1 of them destroyed and 1 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 4 electronic warfare systems lost, of them 1 destroyed, 2 damaged and 1 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 13 aircraft lost, of them 12 destroyed and 1 damaged.
  • 8 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) lost, of them 4 destroyed and 4 captured by the Ukrainians.
  • 32 helicopters lost, of which 28 destroyed, 2 damaged and 2 abandoned.
  • 2 logistics trains destroyed.
  • 485 various vehicles lost (trucks, SUVs and others), of which 263 destroyed, 12 damaged, 58 abandoned and 151 captured by the Ukrainians.

In turn, the same source has documented that Ukraine has lost 373 military vehicles, of which 66 are tanks, 10 planes, 7 unmanned aircraft and 1 helicopter. The large difference in losses between invaders and invaded is due to the fact that most of the photos documenting these losses are taken and published by Ukrainian civilians and military.


Photo: AFP. A destroyed Russian tank near Kharkov.

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