Members of the Kastus Kalinouski Battalion swore allegiance to Ukraine

A Belarusian battalion goes into combat in Ukraine, but not where Putin expected

The possible participation of Belarus in the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been a topic that has generated many controversies and unconfirmed information.

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Some Belarusian opposition sources have claimed that there have been resignations among the commanders and even defections among the troops of the Armed Forces of Belarus due to plans to join the invasion. There has also been talk of sabotage on railway lines by the Belarusians themselves. Ten days ago, the Belarusian Sergey Bespalov published this video of Belarusian volunteers who have joined the Ukrainian Army (I would tell you to activate the automatic subtitles in English, but they are so bad that it is not worth it):

Yesterday, the Belwarriors Telegram channel posted this video of the Kastus Kalinouski Battalion being sworn into the Ukrainian Army:

The battalion's name refers to Konstanty Kalinowski (1838-1864), a Polish hero who participated in the 1863 Uprising between Poles, Lithuanians and Belarusians against the Russian Empire. The battalion emblem (below these lines) mentions that year and includes a sword crossed with a scythe, an agricultural tool that was widely used in the aforementioned Uprising, becoming one of its symbols.

The Kastus Kalinouski Battalion is made up of opponents of the dictatorship of Aleksandr Lukashenko, and as is customary in the Belarusian democratic opposition, they use the historical white and red and white flag of Belarus, created in 1918 and which is linked to its past as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, one of the two nations that were part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth between the 16th and 18th centuries. Some soldiers also wear the historical coat of arms of Belarus, with the "Vytis", the knight with the double cross that also appears on the coat of arms of Lithuania.

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