Two ships would have been destroyed and two others would be damaged

The full video of the Russian ships attacked by the Ukrainians in Berdyansk

Today the Russian Navy has suffered a severe setback in the Ukrainian coastal city of Berdyansk, taken by the Russians and located west of Mariupol.

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This morning, around 11:00 CET, the Ukrainian YouTube channel Kyryllovka.Ukr posted a ten-minute video with the following description: "Explosions and fires in the commercial port of Berdyansk on March 24, 2022 in high quality by a drone from a local resident." The video has been partially broadcast by media around the world and in the vast majority of cases without citing the source. You can see the full original video here:

It is still unclear how the attack took place. Some sources speak of an air strike with missiles launched from a Bayraktar TB-2 drone. Other sources of a tactical ballistic missile attack OTR-21 Tochka. This morning at 7:36 CET the Ukrainian Navy has announced the destruction of the landing ship "Orsk" (BDK-69), one of three of the Tapir class (Project 1171) that the Russian Navy has. It is what we can see in this photo:

The "Orsk" would be the ship most affected by this attack, which appears with a large fire in the video. The great violence of the explosion could be due to the fact that the ship was loaded with ammunition. When the ship exploded, it would have caused the explosion of two fuel tanks that were right next to it, located on the pier:

After the explosion of the "Orsk", the video shows two landing ships of the Ropucha class (Project 775) setting sail in a hurry. In this image we see that one has a column of smoke on deck, near the bow.

In this other image we see the second of the Ropucha-class landing ships with a clear fire on board:

Here is another image of these ships that managed to put to sea. According to the Ukrainian journalist Dylan Malyasov, these two damaged Ropucha-class ships would be the "Caesar Kunikov" (BDK-64) and the "Novocherkassk" (BDK-46), both belonging to the Black Sea Fleet. In addition, Malyasov points out that a fourth Tapir-class ship, the "Saratov" (BDK-65), twin of the "Orsk", would also have been destroyed.

According to Malyasov, the Russian ships would have been hit by a Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missile, at the moment they were unloading in the port.

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