The most punished vehicles are being those dedicated to logistics missions

Russia has lost more than 2,000 military vehicles in Ukraine: these are the models

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing huge losses of military material for the invaders. And it is also about documented losses.

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The website has been collecting images of the military vehicles lost by both sides in this invasion since it began on February 24. After the latest data updates, Russian losses already exceed 2,000 vehicles and aircraft. Specifically they are 2,019.

The most striking figures are those of armored vehicles. Russia has already lost 318 tanks in 32 days. Of that number, 136 have been destroyed, 6 have been damaged, 42 abandoned and 134 captured by the Ukrainians. The model with the highest losses is the T-72B3 Obr. 2016: a total of 73. It is followed by the T-72B, with 49, and the more modern T-80U, with 46. It should be noted that the Russians have even lost 17 T-90s, which are among their most modern tanks.

Russia has also lost 232 armored fighting vehicles, the most frequent being the MT-LB, with 101 (it has become a regular in photos of destroyed Russian columns). Likewise, the Russians have lost 307 infantry fighting vehicles, with the BMP-2 being the most affected model with 110, and also with significant losses of BMD-2 (59), BTR-82A (52) and BMP-3 (42). Russia has also lost 79 armored personnel carriers, the most frequent being the BTR-80 (41).

One type of vehicle that is also taking a heavy toll is tactical mobility. Russia has lost 49 GAZ Tigr and 17 Iveco LMV (model that in Spain is called Lince). Most of these vehicles, 37 in total, were destroyed, but the Ukrainians have also captured 20 Tigrs and LMVs. Russia has also lost 61 engineering vehicles, 63 anti-tank missile vehicles, 42 towed artillery pieces and 60 self-propelled artillery.

Significantly, the vehicles with the greatest losses are those dedicated to logistics tasks: 651 trucks and various SUVs. The hardest hit has been the KamAZ 6×6, with 221 lost, followed by the old Ural-4320 (176). Russia has also lost two logistics trains, both destroyed in strikes by Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drones.

In addition, the aforementioned website has confirmed the loss by the Russians of 17 aircraft (the majority were Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft, 8 in total), 35 helicopters (the most affected was the Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter, with 8 specimens lost), 16 drones and 3 boats.

The same website estimates the number of Ukrainian military vehicles lost at 574, including 79 tanks. It must be taken into account that most of the losses are documented by Ukrainians with photos taken with mobile phones that are published on social networks, which may explain the great difference in losses between one side and the other.


Photo: Ukraine Weapons Tracker.

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