Bodies of Ukrainians killed by Russians found in liberated areas

Russian terror in Ukraine: the horrifying trail of death the invaders are leaving

Horrific images of the crimes committed by the Russian invaders against civilians in various locations in Ukraine have been released in recent hours.

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WARNING: the images that appear in this post may offend your sensibilities.

Following the withdrawal of Russian troops from the suburbs and several towns around Kiev, the Ukrainian military has encountered horrifying scenes when liberating the occupied areas: bodies of Ukrainian civilians massacred by the Russians, mostly men, and some of them handcuffed.

Some of the worst scenes have been found in the town of Bucha, northwest of Kiev. Most of the photos you will see below were taken there. I don't like to publish images like these, but given the brutal disinformation campaign promoted by the Kremlin, publishing these images is necessary to denounce the atrocities that the invaders are committing against the Ukrainian people.

As reported by Nexta on its Telegram channel, in Bucha the Ukrainian military found the bodies of 280 civilians with their hands tied in mass graves, in addition to the bodies of murdered neighbors lying in the streets. This afternoon, the Ukrainian president has described these crimes as "genocide".

The images have been released by Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Emine Dzheppar, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister, AFP and the Belarusian media Nexta.

Two men killed by the Russians on the edge of a sidewalk in Bucha.

They inspect the corpse of one of the people killed by the Russians in Bucha.

The bodies of three people killed by the Russians in Bucha. The first of them has her hands tied behind her back.

The frightening sight that Ukrainian soldiers have found in the streets of Bucha.

A civilian cyclist killed by the Russians in Bucha.

Another image of the same corpse.

Ukrainian civilians inspecting the bodies of their compatriots killed by the Russians.

Another of those killed by the Russians.

A Ukrainian tank upon arrival at Bucha. A few meters in front of him, the body of a Ukrainian civilian killed by the Russians.

A Ukrainian soldier inspecting the body of one of Bucha's neighbors killed by the Russians.

The bodies of several men killed by the Russians in Bucha. The one on the right has his hands tied behind his back.

The corpse of a Ukrainian civilian dumped in a sewer.

Several bodies of Ukrainian civilians killed in Bucha, half buried in the sand.

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