The lot will include helicopters, armored vehicles, howitzers, drones and radars

The list of vehicles, aircraft and weapons that the US has announced it will deliver to Ukraine

The US Department of Defense today announced a major $800 million shipment of military aid to Ukraine..

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The weapons shipment, authorized by President Joe Biden, includes helicopters, howitzers, armored vehicles, armed drones, anti-aircraft radars and artillery systems, at a time when the Ukrainian Armed Forces are facing the challenge of a new Russian offensive against the Ukrainian region of Donbas. In fact, the Pentagon's press secretary, John Kirby, has acknowledged that the purpose of this arms shipment is to help Ukraine defend itself from that offensive. With this shipment, US military aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion will total 2.6 billion dollars.

The Inside Defense portal has published the list of weapons, aircraft and vehicles that the US will send in this batch:

  • 11 Mil Mi-17 helicopters. It is a Russian-made transport model, and the information does not indicate the origin of these aircraft. The US had some copies in the Army Test and Evaluation Command. Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria also use it.
  • 18 155mm howitzers and 40,000 artillery shells. The model of the howitzers is not indicated.
  • 10 AN/TPQ-36 counter artillery radars. It is a model developed in the US in the 1970s. Ukraine received two units in 2015.
  • Two AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel air surveillance radars. It is an American model of 3D radar for short-range air defense.
  • 300 AeroVironment Switchblade unmanned aerial systems. They are small-sized drones intended to support infantry units. It can be used as a reconnaissance drone and also as an attack "suicide drone", since it can carry an explosive charge in its fuselage.
  • 500 FGM-148 Javelin missiles and "thousands of other anti-armor systems." The Javelin has become famous in this war for its effectiveness in destroying armored vehicles.
  • 200 M-113 armored personnel carriers. An armored vehicle from the 1960s, used in the Vietnam War but still operational in many armies, also in the US, which still has 5,000 of these vehicles. It is an old model but still useful as a personnel carrier and also as a mortar carrier, ambulance and other variants.
  • 100 armored Humvees. Ukraine had more than 100 units of the famous military model of the Hummer SUV. The United States has more than 200,000 in different variants.
  • Unmanned coastal defense ships. The model is not indicated.
  • Chemical warfare equipment.
  • Medical equipments.
  • 30,000 sets of bulletproof vests and helmets. Models not listed.
  • Over 2,000 optics and laser rangefinders. Models not listed.
  • C-4 explosives and demolition equipment.
  • M18A1 Claymore antipersonnel mines. A world famous model. It was developed in the 1950s and is still used in many armies today.

The biggest inconvenience when it comes to delivering all this material is related to helicopters. The Mil Mi-17 is a medium-sized helicopter that is 18 meters long. Flying them from Poland would not be an advisable option as Russia could shoot them down or even consider the flight an act of war.


Photo: A Mil Mi-17 of the Afghan Army.

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