The decoration includes a logo of the 35th anniversary of that unit

The process of painting of the tails of a Spanish EF-18 Hornet fighter from 15th Wing

From May 9 to 20, the Araxos Air Base, in Greece, will host a new NATO Tiger Meet, to which 10 air units from various countries are invited.

Baltic: the maneuver of the Spanish EF-18 that left the Russian Su-27 fighter at a disadvantage
Confrontation between a Spanish EF-18M and two Russian Su-27 fighters over the Baltic Sea

One of the participating units will be the 15th Wing of the Air Combat Command of the Spanish Air Force, based in Zaragoza and equipped with EF-18M Hornet fighter-bombers. It will be accompanied in Greece by other "tiger" squadrons from Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy and Switzerland, as well as observers from Austria, the Netherlands and Poland.

NATO tiger squadrons have the custom of decorating their planes with motifs alluding to these meets. Sometimes the decoration covers the entire fuselage of the plane. In Spain, the custom is to decorate the drifts of the participating fighters. The Spanish Air Force has published today a video of the process of painting the drifts of an EF-18 from Wing 15 that will attend that meet. In addition to the classic tiger (which is the emblem of the Tiger Meet and also of the aforementioned Spanish unit), a logo alluding to the 35th anniversary of Wing 15, which was celebrated last year, has been painted on the inside of the tails:

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