The Ukrainians have lost 155 tanks but have captured 233 from the Russians

Ukraine exhibits the tanks captured from the Russians and now used against the invaders

Russia has already lost more than 600 tanks in the Ukraine, and many of them are being captured and reused by the Ukrainians.

Ukraine humiliates Russia by destroying one of its most modern tanks: the T-90M
Russia already lost 600 tanks, while Ukraine is receiving hundreds of tanks from Poland

According to the losses documented by the website, Russia has already lost 641 tanks in this invasion, of which 341 have been destroyed, 20 damaged, 45 abandoned and 233 captured. This last figure makes Russia the current main (and involuntary) supplier of tanks to the Ukrainian Army, rivaling Poland, which has delivered 230 T-72s to Ukraine, according to the same source. In turn, has documented the loss of 155 tanks by Ukraine, so that this country would be capturing more Russian tanks than it loses at the hands of the invaders.

This afternoon, the 93rd Independent Mechanized Brigade "Kholodnyi Yar" of the Ukrainian Army displayed some of the captured tanks, stating: "We will celebrate Victory Day in the future. Its date has not yet been determined, but it definitely will be. We do everything possible to achieve it. In the meantime, we are organizing a military "parade" of Russian tank trophies along the front line." You can see below some of the captured Russian tanks that this brigade has shown.

A T-80BVM. Ukraine has managed to destroy at least 8 such tanks and has captured 14 of them.

A T-80BVM, on the right, and a T-80BV, in the background on the left.

Another image of the T-80BV (right) and the T-80BVM in the previous photo.

A Ukrainian commander saluting from his hatch in a captured Russian T-80BV.

The T-80BV in the previous photo, driving on a highway.

Another T-80BVM, this one with skid plates hanging from the turret's reactive armor plates, for additional protection.

A T-80BVM (left) and a T-80BVM (right). Note that on the barrel of the T-80BVM they have painted "Fury" as a nickname, imitating the Sherman from the famous 2014 movie.

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