In a panic attack, two BTR-82A armored vehicles were abandoned intact

The unusual reaction of Russian soldiers to an attack by the Ukrainian artillery

One of the most surprising facts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the huge number of vehicles that the Ukrainians are capturing from the invaders.

Ukraine has captured almost 1,300 Russian military vehicles in 12 weeks of invasion
Ukraine exhibits the tanks captured from the Russians and now used against the invaders

A video published this Friday on Tiktok by the Ukrainian user Dimaddimov can shed some light on this issue. The video shows Russian soldiers fleeing, leaving two BTR-82A armored vehicles intact as a Ukrainian artillery shell landed near them. An irrational reaction and pure panic that led these soldiers to not try to secure their vehicles and to expose themselves outside the armored vehicles, where they are most vulnerable:

According to the website, between February 24 and today, Russia has lost 3,713 military vehicles in Ukraine, of which 1,290 have been captured by the Ukrainians. Of the vehicles lost to the Russians, 160 are BTR-82As, many of them captured. It should be noted that the Ukrainian artillery is showing great effectiveness in using drones to correct their shots. The video in question shows one such case, as the footage appears to have been recorded from a Ukrainian drone, which was possibly being used to guide artillery fire.

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