The new Airbus A-330 MRTT of the Air Force participated in the parade

The Spanish Armed Forces Day 2022 parade: the full video and more images

Today Spain celebrates the Armed Forces Day. The central acts have taken place in the city of Huesca, where a military parade has been carried out.

The Spanish 'Top Gun': spectacular video of the Spanish Air Force about its fighter pilots
The first exit to the sea of the submarine 'Isaac Peral' S-81 of the Spanish Navy

You can see here the full video of the retransmission of the parade made by TVE and broadcast through the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Defense:

Below you can see a video published this afternoon by the Ministry of Defense, which shows some previous moments of the parade, including a dance between soldiers (this is certainly not done in other countries: things of Spanish joy).

You can see below a selection of photos of the parade that have been published by the Royal House, the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Staff, the Navy and the Military Emergency Unit.

Members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) polishing their vehicles before the parade

A Mixed Navy Seamanship Company, moments before the parade begins.

Tankers from the 4th Armored Regiment "Pavía" of the Spanish Army on their Leopard 2E tank just before the parade begins.

His Majesty King Felipe VI reviewing the Royal Guard before the military parade.

The Eagle Patrol of the Spanish Air Force made a pass during the tribute to those who gave their lives for Spain.

A spectacular image of the Eagle Patrol raisin.

A reconnaissance combat vehicle "Centauro" of the Spanish Army during the ground parade.

A Leopard 2E tank and an ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle of the Spanish Army.

The Spanish Army Special Operations Command (MOE) showed its new EINSA Netón Light Special Operations Vehicles (VLOE) at the parade.

Members of the Climbing Skiers Company 1/64 of the 64th "Galicia" Mountain Hunters Regiment of the Spanish Army.

A Piranha IIIC reconnaissance combat vehicle from the Tercio de Armada, the expeditionary force of the Spanish Marine Corps.

A Squad of Sappers of the Civil Guard. The Meritorious is always among the most applauded units of the parade.

The Parachute Sapper Squadron (EZAPAC), the special operations group of the Spanish Air Force.

The "Monteros de Espinosa" Company of the Spanish Royal Guard.

The NATO flag leading the national flags. This year, the parade paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of Spain's entry into the Atlantic Alliance.

The flags of the member countries of NATO, carried by members of the Spanish Armed Forces and by soldiers from other countries.

Members of the 52nd Melilla Regular Group, the most decorated unit of the Spanish Army.

An Intervention Company of the Military Emergency Unit (UME).

A Civil Guard Music Unit.

The Saber Squadron of the Civil Guard.

A section of the French Gendarmerie made up of exchange students.

Members of the 1/4 "Flandes" Tank Infantry Battalion of the 4th "Pavía" Armored Regiment of the Spanish Army.

Members of the Brigade "Rey Alfonso XIII" II of the Legion, who as usual paraded with their specific pace of 160 steps per minute.

Two EINSA Falcata "mechanical mules" from the 6th "Almogávares" Brigade of Parachutists (BRIPAC) of the Spanish Army.

The Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri of the Aspa Patrol of the Spanish Air Force.

A Canadair CL-215T (left) and two Bombardier CL-415 from the 43rd Air Force Group of the Spanish Air Force.

The first of the Spanish Air Force Airbus A-330 MRTTs (left), accompanied by two Dassault Falcon 900s from the 45th Air Force Group and a Cessna Citation V from the Cartographic Center and Photographic (CECAF).

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