The building contains historic vehicles in a sad state of abandonment

An amazing hangar with abandoned artillery pieces, military vehicles and carriages

There are urban explorers who find some gems on their adventures, and there are some who stumble upon a lot of gems in one place.

The armored vestiges of the Cold War: a tanks graveyard in Germany
An atypical graveyard of 50 classic cars and a plane in the middle of a forest in Germany

This is the case of this video published by the YouTube channel Explomo. It doesn’t say where it was shot, but from what he found inside this hangar it appears to be in France:

To tell the truth, this hangar seems to gather the funds of an abandoned museum or that has too many objects pending restoration and rotting in that place. You can see some screenshots of the video below.

Very old military vehicles. Some look pre-World War II.

An almost dilapidated bus from the interwar period. a pity

A panoramic view of the objects of this incredible hangar.

Some vehicles seem to have been collecting dust on this site for decades.

In the hangarthere are a few really nice carriages, but very poorly preserved.

The grandfather of today’s urban buses. The sign reads “Hôtel de Ville – Versailles”.

One of the military vehicles, with French registration.

One of the most surprising objects in the hangar is this German FlaK-88 anti-aircraft artillery gun.

In the hangar you can also see this howitzer from the World War I.

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