Tertsch denounced Von Der Leyen's silence in the face of Sánchez's abuses

Vox reproaches the European Commission for its double yardstick with Poland and Spain

The ideological persecution of the European Commission against Poland, with the false excuse of its judicial reform, was the object of a harsh reproach on Tuesday.

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"Germany is sabotaging Ukraine's heroic resistance effort"

The Spanish MEP Hermann Tertsch, from Vox, a member of the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), denounced the efforts of the European Commission to "blackmail Poland with money, to withdraw money when it has 4 million rufugiados to those who are welcomed and who largely have them because Ukraine is not being defended, because Germany is sabotaging Ukraine's heroic resistance effort."

"Have you heard about how the Spanish, social communist government tramples on judicial independence?"

Tertsch also denounced the radically different treatment applied by the European Commission to Poland and Spain: "Now we see the Germans threatening the Poles, threatening the Hungarians because they don't behave well with them. Or have you heard of the violations of judicial independence in Spain? Have you heard about how the Spanish, social communist government tramples, how prosecutors trample judicial independence, how it changes them? How it has an attorney general who has been Minister of Justice and who uses politics and uses Justice brutally against anyone who complains, and who covers up all her corruption. Why haven't they said anything about that? No, that doesn't bother them."

A very short distance from the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, Tertsch added: "There, to Spain, they are giving Sánchez money, and Mrs. Von Der Leyen arrives in Spain and says that Mr. Sánchez is wonderful, and what a stupendous example is Sánchez. Sánchez is a shame." At this moment they cut off the microphone to the Spanish MEP, but the following could still be heard clearly: "And what is happening here with Poland is also a shame." Here is the video of his intervention, published yesterday by Tertsch himself (the video is in Spanish, but has subtitles in English and Polish):

The abuses of the Spanish government and the silence of the European Commission

It must be remembered that the Pedro Sánchez government's attacks on judicial independence were harshly criticized by the European Association of Judges (EAJ), by the political opposition and by more than 2,500 Spanish judges who addressed a letter to the EU, in which they warned that Spain is going "towards totalitarianism", denouncing a "clear risk of a serious violation of the rule of law in Spain." But since the Von Der Leyen government has the support of the socialists (including the PSOE, that is, Pedro Sánchez's party), the European Commission has not taken any action against the Spanish government.

The Commission is made up of the same socialists who govern in Spain

The Von Der Leyen Commission thus demonstrates a clear political sectarianism and makes it clear that the reasons for its persecution against Poland are not judicial, but political and ideological. And it is that Poland has a conservative government that does not submit to the ideological dictates of the left, unlike what the European People's Party has done, to which the president of the Commission belongs. Poland is mistreated for being faithful to its Christian roots and not wanting to submit to a new ideological dictatorship, having regained its freedom.

We must not forget, by the way, that the former single party of the Polish communist dictatorship is today a member of the Party of European Socialists and, therefore, a member of the Commission chaired by Von Der Leyen. A Commission with those allies has no authority to teach the Polish people about democracy.

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