A Boeing 737-200 that flew for Israeli, British and Indonesian airlines

The curious case of a plane that ended up on top of a cliff due to the pandemic

The pandemic that started two years ago has had many different effects on our lives, and has also caused a plane to end up in a very unusual place.

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As you may already know, the island of Bali, in Indonesia, is a world-famous tourist destination. A few months ago, the Indonesian YouTube channel Serotong published a curious video showing an old Boeing 737-200 commercial plane perched on top of a cliff next to Nyang Nyang beach, in the south of the island:

Here we can see another video of this plane, published by Lukastarek:

And how did that Boeing 737 end up on top of a cliff? It must be said that it did not land there, nor did it crash. The reason it is there is that due to the pandemic, tourist arrivals have plummeted in Bali, putting many jobs at risk. Looking for ideas to attract tourists again, a local restaurant located on that cliff decided to install an old retired Boeing 737, to use as an attraction. The plane has become a fabulous vantage point over Nyang Nyang beach.

The history of this plane began with its first flight on October 22, 1982, according to Airfleets.es. It had the serial number 22876 LN:922 and its first registration was American: N4571A. On March 15, 1983, it was delivered to the Israeli airline Arkia, with which it flew with the registration 4X-BAC. A few months later, on December 22, 1983, he was transferred to the British airline Dan-Air London, flying with the registration G-BLDE.

After a new transfer to Arkia in 1983, from April 22, 1984 it flew for Dan-Air London for almost nine years, until being delivered on March 15, 1993 to the Indonesian airline Mandala Airlines, using the PK-RII registration. In 2013, an Australian bought the plane to build an amusement park in Bali. However, the buyer ran out of money and could not carry out his project, so the plane remained abandoned for years in a field in Bali. You can see it in this video published by Business Insider 4 years ago (another 737 used in Bali as a tourist attraction also appears):

Its last trip was from that open space to its current location on top of that cliff, for which the plane had to be disassembled. Under these lines you can see its location with Google Maps:

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