Abortion and 'Catholicbuts'

In social networks, after the ruling of the US Supreme Court on abortion, some messages are spread that are very strange.

Historic ruling of the US Supreme Court on abortion: this is what it says
USA: the arrival of the abolition of an atrocity as deep-rooted and inhuman as slavery was

Basically, the typical message is summed up like this: "I am Catholic but I defend abortion." It is not the first time that I read something like this, but lately messages of this type have multiplied. The statement is as incoherent as saying "I am a Catholic but I do not believe in God", "I am a Catholic but I support terrorism", "I am a Catholic but I support nazism" or "I am a Catholic but I support communism".

What part of "thou shalt not kill" have these "Catholicbuts" not understood? However they are put, you cannot be Catholic and defend the murder of an innocent, no matter how much they try to disguise it with euphemisms. Stop fooling yourself and, above all, stop trying to fool others. If they call themselves Catholic, they should examine their conscience and review what the Catholic Church says about abortion. And if they don't like it, leave the Church and join a proabortion religion. At least they will be able to say what they are without misleading anyone.

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