Abortion was legalized with the same false arguments as slavery

USA: the arrival of the abolition of an atrocity as deep-rooted and inhuman as slavery was

In 1857, the United States, already a democracy for many years, saw one of the most scandalous court decisions in history.

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Abolitionists were seen as extremists and religious fanatics

The sentence addressed an issue that was then the subject of heated debate in that country, an issue that was considered a right and that was openly defended by the Democratic Party: the "right" to own slaves. It should be noted that, at that time, the aforementioned party was the majority in the southern slave states. In those states, abolitionists were seen as religious extremists and fanatics, as they were mostly devout Christians (as early as the 4th and 5th centuries, Saint Augustine of Hippo had condemned slavery). Abolitionist literature became banned and abolitionist teachers were banned from schools for years.

1857: a sentence that denied their status as persons to black slaves

The sentence in question, approved by the Supreme Court of the United States, dealt with the case Dred Scott v. Sandford, deprived all descendants of Africans, both slaves and free, of American citizenship and the rights derived from it, which meant that for the simple reason of their origin, they lacked rights as persons.

In addition, the ruling prohibited the US Congress from abolishing slavery in federal territories (those that were not yet states), and also prohibited revoking the "right" to own slaves when their owner in states that had already abolished slavery, and affirmed: "the right of property in a slave is distinctly and expressly affirmed in the Constitution. The right to traffic in it, like an ordinary article of merchandise and property, was guarantied to the citizens of the United States, in every State that might desire it, for twenty years. And the Government in express terms is pledged to protect it in all future time, if the slave escapes from his owner."

A scandal that was corrected with two constitutional amendments

This sentence caused a scandal and ended up increasing tensions between slaveholders and abolitionists. Four years later, this issue was one of the reasons for the outbreak of a Civil War in the USA, which pitted the slave states in the south (dominated by the Democratic Party) against the abolitionist states in the north (dominated by the Republican Party). A few months before the end of the war with the victory of the abolitionists, the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution was proposed in Congress to abolish slavery throughout the country, which was approved in December 1865.

Likewise, in 1866 a Fourteenth Amendment was approved, which granted US citizenship to all those born in the country, regardless of their race. This amendment stated: "nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." With this sentence, the United States put an end to a socially deeply rooted institution, slavery, which had been aberrantly described as "right". However, the Democratic Party continued to support radical discrimination and segregation of blacks well into the 20th century, with the same fanaticism with which it had previously supported the misnamed "right" to own slaves.

1973: a sentence that denied their human status to unborn children

In 1973, the US Supreme Court issued a new scandalous ruling: the Roe v. Wade case. As had already happened in 1857, in this judgment the court again denied the status of persons to certain human beings, even denying them the right to live. He did so by twisting the meaning of the aforementioned Fourteenth Amendment, with the following argument: "the word "person," as used in the Fourteenth Amendment, does not include the unborn."

That sentence caused the death of more than 63 million innocent people

Likewise, the court made an affirmation that collided with the scientific evidence: "the law has been reluctant to endorse any theory that life, as we recognize it, begins before live birth or to accord legal rights to the unborn." That paragraph ended with a statement that dissociated the human condition from the category of person, just as it was done in the years of slavery: "the unborn have never been recognized in the law as persons in the whole sense." As a consequence of this sentence, as aberrant as that of 1857, between 1973 and 2021, 62.5 million unborn children were murdered in the USA, according to a study published in January of last year. Taking into account the annual average of abortions in the US, now there will be more than 63 and a half million innocents murdered.

The Democratic Party, which supported slavery, now supports abortion

As happened with slavery and racial segregation, the Democratic Party is the great defender of this usurpation of the rights of unborn children in the United States. Successive presidents of the Democratic Party have favored the perverse business of abortion with billion-dollar subsidies to pro-abortion lobbies, which are used in turn to support the campaigns of Democratic candidates and also to buy the support of the media, politicians and all type of organizations.

The scandalous leak of the sentence that will correct the Roe v. Wade case

Yesterday, the leftist media Politico.com leaked the Supreme Court's draft ruling that will overturn the outrageous ruling in Roe v. Wade. It is a very serious leak, the first that this institution suffers in its entire history, and everything indicates that the leaker is a magistrate related to the Democratic Party. That leak has given rise to a campaign of harassment of the Supreme Court to try to torpedo that sentence, an agitation campaign promoted by Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, a member of the Democratic Party and an abortion advocate. His party has even taken steps in defense of the legalization of newborn infanticide.

Abortion: an institution as entrenched and as inhumane as slavery was

It should be noted that the US Constitution does not say anywhere that killing unborn children is a right. That was a very questionable interpretation of the 1973 ruling, based, as we have seen, on the anti-scientific idea that human life begins at childbirth. It is intolerable that an institution, no matter how deeply rooted, violates human dignity, and even more so if it does so on the basis of a lie such as stating that unborn children are not human beings and therefore do not deserve to be people. A lie as criminal as the one that denied the status of persons to black slaves.

To this day, the supporters of the "right" to kill innocents have become as hysterical as the supporters of the "right" to own slaves were in their day, but in a rule of law, in a civilized society, hysteria it cannot be more powerful than reason, and to deny the human condition of certain human beings is an appalling irrationality, whether the victims are black slaves or whether the victims are unborn children. It is time to abolish abortion just as slavery was abolished.

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