By comparison, the pandemic killed 3.55 million people last year.

The largest cause of death in 2021 killed 42 million human beings worldwide

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about health issues, as it is a disease that has caused a great loss of human life.

Scientific arguments against abortion
The monstrous details of the New York law that allows abortion up to birth

Global data on deaths published by Worldometer

Certainly, the Covid pandemic is a very real concern for everyone, but it should not make us forget that there are also other causes of death that should come to our attention. On this issue, the data published by the Worldometer website can serve as references, a site whose data is regularly used by the British government and by leading media such as the Financial Times, The New York Times, Business Insider and the BBC. This website includes statistical data on deaths in real time, both today and in the current year. has stored the data provided by Worldometer on December 29, and Breitbart has published the data for the 31st. The health chapter includes some striking data on 2021 (although the website orders them differently, you can see them at below ordered by number of cases):

  • 42,640,209 deaths from abortion.
  • 12,969,028 deaths from contagious diseases.
  • 8,204,895 deaths from cancer.
  • 4,994,147 deaths from tobacco use.
  • 2,498,649 deaths from alcohol consumption.
  • 1,679,420 deaths from HIV/AIDS.
  • 1,348,577 deaths from traffic accidents.
  • 1,071,300 deaths by suicide.
  • 494,789 deaths from seasonal flu.
  • 393,955 deaths from malaria.
  • 308,786 deaths of mothers during childbirth.

'Our World In Data' estimates 3.55 million people killed by Covid in 2021

In deaths from contagious diseases, the Worldometer does not indicate the data related to Covid. Another website that serves as a reference to many media, Our World In Data, has a page dedicated to this pandemic in which it is indicated that on December 31, 2020, 1.88 million people had died from this cause. As of December 30, 2021, deaths stood at 5.43 million. Subtracting both figures, we would have 3.55 million deaths from Covid in 2021.

Abortion is by far the largest cause of death among human beings

Note that, with the data presented, we obtain that abortion was the largest cause of death of human beings in 2021 by far. It is well known that there are people, political parties and even important pressure groups that deny the human condition to human beings in their prenatal stage, but scientific evidence places the beginning of human life at the moment of conception, which is when the person acquires the genetic identity that will accompany him for the rest of his life. The fact that certain laws allow the killing of these human beings does not detract one iota of humanity from the victims from a medical point of view. All it shows is the inhumanity of those laws.

Nearly a fifth part of unborn children conceived in 2021 were killed

According to statistics released by Worldometer on December 29, in 2021 there were 139 million births worldwide. This indicates an alarming reality that should be a cause for serious reflection for all humanity: aborted unborn children were 23% of those conceived, almost a fifth part. This chilling figure suggests something very worrying in relation to the policies of many governments to promote abortion, financing it with public funds while denying public aid to pregnant mothers who want to have their children (this is what happens in Spain): they are using abortion as a way to limit the birth rate globally. But why?

The ideological causes of this 'pandemic' of abortions

In addition to the fact that many governments have yielded to the theses of sexual liberationism (which aims to detach people from the effects of their decisions when having sexual relations) and even to the anti-family theses of the far-left (one of the theorists of the gender ideology, Shulamith Firestone, proposed using abortion to end motherhood, which she considered a form of oppression of women), there are also two other ideological trends that have influenced this drift: neo-Malthusianism, which maintains an alarmist discourse about overpopulation that has been making catastrophic prophecies for years, and radical environmentalism, which considers human beings as a threat to the environment, a threat that it proposes to solve by reducing the number of human beings by any means, including abortion.

Some theses that collide with reality but that have a great influence on the UN and the EU

Neo-Malthusianism and radical environmentalism often overlap. Their catastrophic prophecies have collided with reality time and again, but despite this they remain very influential in international organizations such as the UN or the European Union, in which the political left - which is sympathetic to these ideological theses - has been adding to that cause a good part of the right. One wonders what kind of world we are leaving when the death of 42 million human beings in a single year is not even news, except on certain websites that are designated as "far-right" by abortion supporters, simply for daring to point out what it is an aberration to legalize and promote an act as perverse as it is to kill the weakest and most defenseless members of our own species, while those who promote this ask us, at the same time, to save seals, octopuses and other animal species.


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