It decriminalizes abortion even if it is provoked against the will of the mother

The monstrous details of the New York law that allows abortion up to birth

From this blog I have warned on several occasions that the social acceptance of abortion puts the rest of human rights at risk. A new law comes to confirm this thesis with clarity.

Scientific arguments against abortion
A pamphlet of an abortion lobby: 'abortion kills life' and is 'dangerous' for the mother

In 1973 the Supreme Court approved the judgment of the Roe v. Wade case, legalizing abortion and dispossessing unborn children of their human rights. The plaintiff in the case, Norma L. McCorvey, eventually regretted it and joined the pro-life movement. In the context of the current lack of protection of the most innocent and defenseless members of our species, on January 22, 2019 the state of New York passed a law that legalizes abortion until birth. As it happened years ago with slavery, this atrocity is justified as a "right". The law can be read by clicking here. I have taken the effort to review it in order to offer you a detailed analysis of its content. I offer it to you next, linking in each case the corresponding laws, with the commitment of rigor that characterizes Counting Stars, which includes offering direct access to the sources so that you do not have to trust my word.

The doctor can let the baby die if he survives the abortion

In its article 3, the new law repeales all the section 4164 of the New York Public Health Law, relative to the cases in which a baby survives an abortion. This section obliged the doctor to provide immediate care to the child and granted him "immediate legal protection under the laws of the state of New York, including but not limited to applicable provisions of the social services law, article five of the civil rights law and the penal law." Thus, with the new law, the abortionist doctor can let the child die if he survives the procedure and leaves the mother's womb alive. The compassion that was no longer held for the unborn child, will not be given to the child already born. As we will also see in the following points, this law does not grant any value to the life of the unborn child, whether desired or not. In New York any pet now has more legal protection than those children.

It allows to sell abortive methods to minors and without being a pharmacist

Article 4 of the new law repeals subdivision 8 of section 6811 of the New York Education Law. That subdivision prohibited the sale or distribution among children under 16 years of any instrument or article or any prescription, drug or medication for abortive purposes. It also prohibited the sale or distribution of the same to people over 16 years of age if it was not through a licensed pharmacist. The new law suppresses that paragraph without further ado, without providing any type of health guarantee for girls. It's like the state of New York would like to give free rein to anyone who wants to make money with abortion, even at the cost of endangering the health of mothers. Do the politicians who have approved this law realize the contraindications of these medications? Do they think that taking an abortion pill is like taking an aspirin? The paradox is that in the state of New York you can not buy tobacco or alcoholic beverages if you are under 21, and you need to be 20 years old to enter a nightclub, but you can buy abortion pills when you are under 16. It's crazy.

It allows to kill the unborn child until the moment of birth

In its article 6, the new law modifies article 125 of the New York Penal Law, decriminalizing the homicide of a child to be born after the 24th week of pregnancy. That is, that this new law allows killing a child to be born until the moment of birth. No type of deadline is required. In fact, unlike other laws that provide certain terms or conditions for abortion, this reform seems created to erase any reference to abortion of the laws of that state, to the point of depriving the mother of protection in cases of forced abortions and leaving her defenseless before negligent medical abortionists, as we will see next. In fact, it seems a law created to protect the backs of influential American abortion groups, even in cases of malpractice.

It decriminalizes causing an abortion to a woman against her will

The articles of 5, 6 and 7 of the new law suppress any reference to abortion in article 125 of the New York Penal Law, either at the will of the woman herself or against her. In fact, article 5 even suppresses article 125.60 of the aforementioned Penal Law, which punished the distribution of abortive articles to obtain a woman's spontaneous abortion. Article 7-a of the new law repeals, likewise, subdivisions 2 and 3 of article 125.05 of the New York Penal Law. Subdivision 2 defines the act of abortion as the administration of drugs or the use of any other method "with intent to cause a miscarriage of such female." In short: this law decriminalizes causing abortion to a mother against her will. It decriminalizes forced abortion. New York seems to have adopted the legislation of the Communist dictatorship of China. Like the Asian country, New York is now one of the most insecure places for mothers who wish to have their children, since they do not have penal protection for their babies.

If a doctor causes the death of a patient during an abortion will not face criminal charges

Articles 8 and 9 of the new law repeal subdivision 2 of article 125.15 and subdivision 3 of article 125.20 of the New York Penal Law, which qualified as homicide in the second and first degree (in this case, after the 24th week of pregnancy) the act of committing an act of abortion on a woman causing the death of the pregnant woman involuntarily. As LifeNews has warned, this protects abortion doctors who cause the death of the pregnant woman through negligence: they will no longer have to face criminal charges, unlike what happens with the rest of the doctors in other cases of negligence. This supposes, in practice, that the abortionist doctors will have lower standards than the rest of the physicians. This will protect criminals like Kermit Gosnell, convicted in 2013 - among other crimes - for the death of a woman due to an overdose of anesthesia during one of the abortions he perpetrated. The most ironic thing is that this same law claims to have the purpose of guaranteeing a "safe" abortion for women. And in the meantime, the feminists celebrating it.


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