The Russians continue to attack the civilian population indiscriminately

Russia’s terror campaign indicates the only path to peace in Ukraine and Europe

At this point in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Putin regime has earned a hard time being described as a terrorist state and treated as such.

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Savage Russian missile attack on shopping mall in Kremenchuk

The latest episode in that terrorist campaign, at least for now, occurred yesterday with a Russian missile attack on a shopping center in the town of Kremenchuk, in central Ukraine, a place that has so far been far removed from the fighting that has been affecting other parts of the country. The mall was full people at the time of the attack. Last night, Ukraine reported that there have been 13 dead and 59 wounded.

Since Putin cannot conquer Ukraine, he intends to raze it

This is not the first indiscriminate attack against the civilian population that Russia has committed in Ukraine. Until now, the Russians have attacked residential buildings, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, theaters, churches and other religious centers, in a campaign that demonstrates, above all, the frustration of the Putin regime at the failure of its plans for aggression against Ukraine. Since he cannot take over the entire country or defeat the Ukrainians, he seeks to raze Ukraine and massacre its people, all as part of an unprovoked attack.

Let us remember that this is a war of conquest initiated by Russia without any Ukrainian attack on Russian territory. What Russia is doing in Ukraine could also be done in the future against other countries if it achieved its objectives against the Ukrainian people, either fully or partially. The Kremlin has already threatened Poland, Moldova, Finland, Sweden and Lithuania, making it clear that the only notion of diplomacy it knows is based on bullying and terror against its neighbors.

The false ‘peace’ that some politicians want for Ukraine

Despite this, a part of the European political class wants to convince us that it will be necessary to give way to Russia in order to achieve “peace”. These cessions could include not only part of Ukraine’s territory – Russia currently has 20% of that country occupied – but also the lifting of sanctions against Russia, impunity for Russian war criminals and Russia’s refusal to compensate Ukraine for the terrible damage caused by its aggression. What those politicians sell as “peace” is actually submitting to Putin’s blackmail and letting ourselves be run over by him, in the hope that he will not do it again (as long as we do not do anything in the future that makes him uncomfortable, of course).

History shows us that giving in to totalitarians is a way of encouraging them to continue resorting to violence to achieve their goals. World War II would not have brought true peace to Europe if Nazism had not been resoundingly defeated. No one in their right mind would consider valid today the idea of negotiating the future of Europe with a monster like Hitler: why negotiate with a monster like Putin? What Europe do we want to build when we admit into our neighbourhood, as one more, a criminal who invades a neighboring country, murders thousands of civilians and deports hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to the most remote parts of Russia?

Peace will only return to Ukraine and Europe if Russia is defeated

Incidentally, we should keep in mind that after 1945 half of Europe could not have a true peace after 1945 because it was subjected to the Soviet yoke, as despotic as the nazi. In fact, that peace soon turned into a Cold War because of Soviet imperialism, of which Putin is a direct heir. Thus, Ukraine – and with it the rest of Europe – will only have peace when Russia is defeated and the last Russian soldier leaves Ukrainian territory. It is the only way to lower Russian imperialism’s fumes and discourage it from attacking any other neighboring country.

Europe will be able to live very calmly with a defeated Russia, but not with a Russia incited to attack again by verifying that its campaign of terror is having an effect and that it manages to obtain revenue from its aggression. To achieve this, Europe must fully commit itself to offering all possible military aid to Ukraine, even if that means we are going through hard times. Freedom demands sacrifices and the Ukrainians are already making the greatest possible sacrifices. We cannot pretend to stay on the sidelines as if this were not with us. In Ukraine not only the future of that Nation is decided, but that of the whole of Europe.

Photo: @VozdeAmerica. Image of the Russian attack this Monday on a shopping center in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.

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