These are not estimates, but losses documented with images

Russia has already lost more than 800 tanks in 4 months in Ukraine: these are their models

Putin intended this invasion to be a quick military parade against a Ukrainian Army that he underestimated, with fatal consequences for Russia.

Ukraine exhibits the tanks captured from the Russians and now used against the invaders
Ukraine humiliates Russia by destroying one of its most modern tanks: the T-90M

Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian resistance has been fierce, and the Russians have faced serious problems that have affected the development of their military operations: low morale of their troops, logistical problems, poor maintenance of many of their vehicles and the inability of their tanks to defend themselves against the most modern man-portable anti-tank missiles.

Russia has already lost more than 4,500 military vehicles in Ukraine

The clearest proof of the failure of the Russian invasion is the extremely high material losses of the invaders, which have been quantified since February 24 by the independent website through photos and videos. This information is therefore not based on estimates, but on graphic evidence of losses. This week, that website has indicated that the number of 4,500 military vehicles lost by the Russians in Ukraine has already been exceeded. There are specifically 4,506, between land, sea and air vehicles.

Russian losses include more than 800 tanks

The most striking data are those of armored vehicles. Russia has already lost 806 tanks in Ukraine. Taking into account that we have been in the war for 126 days, the average is over 6 tanks lost every day, 44 every week and 201 every month. Keep in mind that we are talking about documented losses, so the real losses will be even higher. Recall that Russia has a standing army of about 250,000 soldiers and 2,609 tanks, according to its Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE). This means that Russia may already have lost a third of its armored force. At the current rate, Russia could already have lost half of its active armored fleet by the end of the summer.

These huge losses have forced Russia to draw tanks from its reserves, including the obsolete T-62s, to use them in auxiliary operations and leave the most modern models for the most risky missions.

The Ukrainians have lost 200 tanks but have captured 270 Russian tanks

It should also be noted that the Ukrainians have managed to capture 270 Russian tanks, a figure that exceeds the 200 tanks lost by the Ukrainian Army according to Paradoxically, and in light of these figures, Russia is currently Ukraine's largest (involuntary) supplier of tanks, to the point that the invasion is providing the Ukrainians with more tanks than the Russians have managed to destroy.

Figures and variants of Russian tanks lost in Ukraine

Regarding models, the data of the aforementioned website indicate the following:

  • 26 T-64BV.
  • 456 T-72, the most affected variants being the T-72B (138), the T-72B3 (124) and the T-72B3 Obr. 2016 (107).
  • 149 T-80, mostly T-80U (71) and T-80BV (43).
  • 21 T-90, almost all of the model T-90A (20). The remainder is a T-90M, the most modern and scarce tank of the Russian Army.
  • 154 unidentified tanks.

Other figures of Russian military vehicles lost in this invasion

Apart from tanks, the Russians have lost significant amounts of other types of vehicles, such as the following:

  • 1194 trucks, miscellaneous vehicles and jeeps.
  • 459 armored fighting vehicles.
  • 913 infantry fighting vehicles.
  • 121 armored personnel carriers.
  • 109 infantry mobility vehicles.
  • 171 engineering vehicles and equipment.
  • 87 command and communications posts.
  • 132 self-propelled howitzers.
  • 68 towed howitzers.
  • 85 multiple rocket launchers.
  • 63 surface-to-air missile launchers.
  • 35 airplanes.
  • 48 helicopters.
  • 91 unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • 10 ships.
  • 2 logistics trains.


Photo: Christopher Furlong. A destroyed Russian tank near Kiev.

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