New official silence with a crime that does not conform to feminist dogmas

A woman killed by her partner does not receive any official mourning for ideological reasons

In Spain there is a perverse political doctrine according to which there are first or second class victims depending on the sex of the victim and the aggressor.

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The victim was stabbed to death five times

We had an example of this yesterday. In Madrid, a 31-year-old woman was murdered by her partner, who was 37. The victim received five stab wounds to the abdomen and chest. The body of the murdered woman was discovered a little before five in the afternoon on the same floor where her partner was also, who has been arrested by the National Police as allegedly responsible for the homicide.

Official silence before the crime because the murderer is another woman

It is very common that in such cases there are messages of mourning from official institutions and even from the president of the government. It has not been the case. No official institution has published a message of mourning for this crime, simply because the alleged murderer is the victim's girlfriend. If she had been murdered by a man, she would have already seen institutions and members of the government lamenting a new case of "gender violence", but since the crime has taken place within a homosexual couple, the most resounding official silence is dictated, as if the life of a lesbian murdered by her partner was not worth the same as the life of a heterosexual woman murdered by her partner.

A discriminatory treatment that has its origin in a socialist law

In a democratic society, and taking into account that the Spanish Constitution states in its Article 14 that no one can be discriminated against for reasons of sex, all murders within the couple should be treated equally, since all human life has the same value, regardless of the sex of the victim and of the person who has committed the crime. If this is not the case, it is because in Spain the prevailing political doctrine establishes that only cases of so-called "gender violence" matter, that is, those in which a man kills a woman. Any other combination makes you a second class victim.

This discrimination has its origin in the 2004 Gender Violence Law, promoted by the Socialist Party (PSOE) and which the Popular Party (PP) left intact. That law defines that "gender violence" as "a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between women and men." Moreover: Article 1 of that law prejudges any crime committed by a man against a woman within the couple as a "manifestation of discrimination, the situation of inequality and the power relations of men over women." The so-called "gender violence" has established an ideological exception in Spanish law, which implies prejudging the motive for a crime based on the sex of its perpetrator.

What would happen if such discrimination based on origin were imposed?

To give us an idea of how absurd this political doctrine is, it is as if a crime of "origin violence" were created that considers the fact of being Basque when committing a crime to be an aggravating circumstance, simply because there has been a Basque terrorist group (ETA) that for decades has murdered more than 800 Spaniards for political purposes. Imagine that there were only minutes of silence and messages of official mourning if the author of a murder was Basque and the murdered person was from any other part of Spain. Many would rightly interpret, correctly, that we would be facing clear discrimination.

However, only one political party, Vox, denounces the injustice of considering being born male an aggravating circumstance, something that discriminates against half of the Spanish population. All the other parties consider it something normal and even defend it by appealing to "equality", which is the last straw. How have we allowed this unreason to be imposed on us?


Photo: Efe. An ambulance at the scene of the crime.

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