Its attempt to demonize men is engulfed by the terrible reality

Two murders of little children knock down the sexist dogmas of the left

For many years, the left has tried to pit people against each other because of their social class. Now try to confront us about our sex.

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An attempt to demonize men for political purposes

Unlike equity feminism, which emerged to claim something fair (equal rights and opportunities for women), leftist gender feminism does not seek equality, but rather generate an anti-masculine discourse that consists of projecting on sex the marxist thesis of class struggle, presenting men as oppressors and women as oppressed. On this basis, the left developed a perverse concept, the so-called "gender violence", which blames men for wanting to harm women because of their sex, as part of a structure of oppression.

But reality is more stubborn than the ideological dogmas of the left, and is always determined to show that violence has no gender, and that both men and women are capable of killing, even the most vulnerable. In recent days two terrible news have been known that demonstrate this fact, whose mere affirmation is today a reason for signaling from the left.

The murder of two little children by their mothers

In the Spanish town of Bigastro, Alicante, a mother has been arrested for beating one of her two-year-old twin sons to death. Upon arrival at the hospital it was found that the child had several fractures. The mother said the boy had accidentally bumped into a table.

Likewise, in the Italian town of Mascalucia, Catania, a mother murdered her five-year-old daughter. The body of the little girl was found in an abandoned field 200 meters from her house. In this case, the mother invented a bizarre story of an alleged kidnapping to cover up the crime, until she finally ended up confessing to having been the author of the murder.

First or second class victims by the sex of the person who killed them

Usually, the murders of children at the hands of men are the reason for acts of mourning in front of the institutions, in memory of the victims. The same does not happen when children are killed by women. In these cases, there are usually no minutes of silence. These are crimes that contradict the ideological theses of the left half of the political map (some theses that a part of the right has also assumed), and that is why these children become second-class victims. In fact, in Spain the government simply omits the figures of children killed by women in its official statistics, publishing only the figures of children killed by men, under the label of "gender violence".

Murder of children at the hands of their mothers: a silenced drama

We are not facing a marginal problem. In April 2018, the Spanish legal website Confilegal pointed out that between 2013 and 2017, 102 children were murdered in Spain, and most of them (48) were killed by mothers. Additionally, 28 children were killed by both parents; 11 were killed by their parents, 8 by close women and 7 by close men. 68.63% of the perpetrators of these crimes were women, but no Spanish institution seems interested in addressing this reality, simply because it questions ideological dogmas that the entire Spanish political map already subscribes to, with the exception of the conservative party Vox, which is the third most voted.

When asking for equality leads you to be singled out as "machist"

One wonders how we have allowed the ideological fanaticism of the left to prevail in institutions, to the point of discriminating against murdered children based on the sex of the person who murdered them: a scandalous form of sexism that should shame most of the political class and the media. Instead, and paradoxically, those of us who insist on denouncing this infamous discrimination are branded as "machist" for the mere fact of claiming the same thing that the pioneers of feminism claimed: the equality of men and women before the law.


Photo: Valerie Tabor Smith.

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