A new attempt to disguise this atrocity so that it does not cause rejection

A pro-abortion US congresswoman wants abortion to no longer be called "abortion"

Supporters of abortion have spent decades trying to disguise this atrocity with euphemisms to avoid the rejection it provokes in a large part of society.

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The euphemisms of the pro-abortion lobby to hide the truth

Pro-abortion politicians and lobbyists have coined terms like "voluntary termination of pregnancy", "sexual and reproductive health" or even "choice" to whitewash what is medically the act of killing a human being in his prenatal stage. But despite those euphemisms, "abortion" is still a medical term to refer to that act of killing an innocent and defenseless human being. The mere word "abortion" refers to the fact of ending an unborn child, no matter how much some try to deceive people by dehumanizing and even objectifying the victim of that crime.

A congresswoman from the Democratic Party does not want to hear the word "abortion"

Something surreal happened this week during a hearing in the Committee on Commerce and Energy of the House of Representatives, the lower house of the United States Congress. According to LifeNews, during an appearance, Dr. Christina Francis, a prominent pro-life obstetrician and gynecologist, used the word "abortion" to refer to that atrocity that some call "right"- So far everything normal.

The absurd thing is that, despite the fact that it is a medical term, it bothered a pro-abortion congresswoman from the Democratic Party, Kathleen Rice, who criticized Dr. Francis for using that word: “I suggest you stop using the word abortion because he believes it will raise emotions above having a reasonable conversation," the congresswoman said, stating that the word abortion "has been used as a weapon, in my opinion, by certain people in this country, because if we are going to have a real conversation about this, we need to stop using language that prevents a real meaningful conversation from happening."

Does she think it's better if we call it "prenatal murder"?

Obviously, what Rice seems to really want is language that serves to disguise that crime. That is to say, a manipulated language, which helps to morally anesthetize society in the face of such a cowardly act as killing one of the weakest members of our own species. However, I suggest accepting the congresswoman's challenge. If you don't like the word "abortion", we can use other terms like "prenatal murder", "prenatal dismemberment" or "killing of unborn children". Better this way, Mrs. Rice?

Faced with the attempts of the pro-abortion lobby to make this monstrosity invisible, we defenders of life must take a step forward and seek to make this vileness even more visible to all of society. We cannot allow censors like Kathleen Rice to be able to hide the truth about abortion, even by outlawing this medical term. Masking the truth to promote a crime is intolerable in a civilized society.


Photo: Kathleen Rice.

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  1. CarlosT

    En el idioma inglés se distingue entre el aborto por causas naturales o involuntarias (miscarriage) y el aborto quirúrgico provocado con o sin ayuda médica (abortion). Los progres siempre buscan ‘palabros’ para no llamara a las cosas por su nombre y confundir a la gente. Así, lo que es malo, quieren que no lo parezca. En España oímos cosas como fijos discontinuos, interrupción voluntaria del embarazo, desaceleración transitoria o restricción de movilidad nocturna.
    Es una continua manipulación de ingeniería social para la que hay que ser muy fuerte intelectualmente para no caer en ella. Además, el buenismo de mucha gente acepta toda esta manipulación por aquello de no crispar y la moderación.
    Con todo ello estamos dejando que la progresía gane batallas que no deberíamos perder. Llamemos a las cosas por su nombre. El aborto provocado es un ‘asesinato en el vientre materno’.

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