It was built in 1944 and retains its cannons, rangefinders and other equipment

The battery GE3 of Furuvik: an example of a well-preserved coastal artillery fort

Throughout the 20th century, many coastal fortifications were built in different European countries. Today many of them are abandoned and in ruins.

Mjösjöfortet: a strange and huge fortress built in 1910 and today plunged into darkness
Storråberget: a secret military base prepared to withstand a nuclear attack

The GE3 battery from Furuvik in Sweden is an example of good conservation. This position was part of the defenses of the city of Gävle, in eastern Sweden, and was built in 1944, during World War II. It was active until 1984, and in 1993 the Swedish Army handed it over to the Furuviksparken park, to form part of its facilities. Today the battery is musealized, showing all its equipment intact, including its 75 mm guns. Swedish urban explorer Micke Samurai has released a video showing off his exterior and its interior:

You can see some screenshots of the video here. We start with one of the 75mm guns from this battery.

One of the battery blockhouses, with its camouflage nets.

One of the battery projectors, whose purpose was to illuminate air and sea targets.

The battery rangefinder, with which distances to targets were measured to guide cannon fire.

One of the battery's magazines, with two dummies in gunnery uniforms.

The inner part of one of the 75 mm cannons. Its good state of preservation is striking.

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