The ship is abandoned in the Chinese lagoon of Nantong, on the Yangtze River

The infiltration of a group of Spanish explorers into the Russian aircraft carrier Minsk

In 2022 I told you here about the aircraft carrier "Minsk", a former aircraft carrier of the navies of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

Minsk: an abandoned Soviet aircraft carrier with a plane, torpedoes and missiles inside
The adventure of two Spanish explorers inside an abandoned French frigate

As we saw then, the "Minsk" was the second of the four Soviet ships of the kyiv class. It was launched in September 1975 and entered service in September 1978. It was withdrawn from service in June 1993, without having completed 15 years in service. Two years later it was sold to a group of Chinese businessmen They wanted to make a theme park. The company that bought the ship went bankrupt in 2006 and the project collapsed. The ship was sold again to make a new theme park, but the project has been delayed to such an extent that today the "Minsk" is in a sad state of abandonment.

September 2022 -its-inside/">we saw here the video of a Chinese urban explorer who infiltrated the ship, showing the things inside, including a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27 attack aircraft , a model that, paradoxically, was not used by the Soviet Navy. A few days ago, Alfon What published the video of the infiltration of a group of Spanish explorers in the "Minsk". A very interesting video, especially for the infiltration itself, on a very cold night through the artificial lagoon of Nantong, on the Yangtze River (in communist China), in which the ship is abandoned (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see some screenshots of the video here, as a preview. The video has great image quality, as is usual on Alfon What's channel, and includes spectacular aerial images recorded with a drone.

The MiG-27 continues inside the ship. Here we see the great long exposure photo of this plane that the video includes, in which you can also see the armament of this MiG that is still preserved on the ship. The pumps that appear in the video are practice pumps, if I'm not mistaken.

One of the most interesting parts of the video is the arsenal of SA-N-3 Shtorm surface-to-air missiles, already demilitarized, that are still inside the ship. In the video you can see the Spanish explorers exploring this section.

To finish, you can see here a video published by Goorney in 2009, which shows images of the former theme park of the aircraft carrier "Minsk":

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