It is in the canton of Ticino, the only one that is monolingual in Italian

Sabbione: a beautiful Swiss town that looks like something out of 'The Lord of the Rings'

Living in a city offers many advantages, but you also miss some important things, like more contact with nature.

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In the small Swiss town of Sabbione, in the Canton of Ticino, they don't have that problem. This idyllic town is nestled in the Bavona Valley, surrounded by mountains and trees. Sabbione has houses made of stone and looks like something out of the pages of "The Lord of the Rings" (it even has some houses built under rocks: are there Swiss hobbits?). This area has been populated since ancient times: there were already people in this valley 5,000 years ago.

Sabbione seems to have been frozen in the 16th century and is today a protected area of Switzerland, attracting tourists for its rustic appearance. The channel Switzerland is Life has posted a video showing this beautiful village:

You can see here some captures of the video. What is most striking about Sabbione is its good state of preservation, despite being such an old town and despite the inclement weather.

The stone most used in the houses of Sabbione is granite, and they have worked it in the most diverse ways.

The town is located next to the small mountain road that leaves Bignasco to the northwest. There are other towns that are also very pretty in the same area.

One of the most striking features of Sabbione and of the entire Valle Bavona are the mountains that surround it.

In Sabbione there is a small oratory. Ticino is one of the traditionally Catholic cantons of Switzerland, as well as being the only one that has Italian as the only official language (it is also used in the canton of Grisons, along with German and Romansh).

Here we see one of the houses of Sabbione built under a rock. The great advantage of taking advantage of the rocks in the area is that the inhabitants of the town saved a lot of construction materials.

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