The highest-ranking Russian serviceman to be captured since World War II

New humiliation for Russia: a Russian lieutenant general is captured in Ukraine

The disbandment that the Russian Army is leading in the face of the Ukrainian counteroffensive on several fronts left surprising news this Friday.

The surreal escape of a Russian Army tank in the midst of the Ukrainian counteroffensive
The symbol that the Ukrainians paint on their military vehicles against the Z of the Russians

As reported by the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post, during the liberation of the city of Balakliya, in the Kharkov region (northern Ukraine), images of Russian soldiers captured by the Ukrainians were published.

Among the prisoners you can see a high command with two parallel stars on his shoulder, the emblem that identifies the rank of lieutenant colonel in the ranks of the Russian Army. That command appears surrounded by Ukrainian soldiers, with their hands tied behind their backs, kneeling, with a bloody face, wearing a camouflage uniform and without a headgear.

Various sources have identified that soldier as Lieutenant General Andrei Sychevoi, commander of the "West" Group of the Russian Federation forces. In July, a Russian media reported that Sychevoi was born on May 16, 1969 in the town of Troitskaya, in the Crimea district. In 2019, he was appointed commander of the 8th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District, and in the same year, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation, he was awarded the rank of lieutenant general. In February 2022 he was one of the senior Russian officials targeted by the European Union sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine.

At the moment, neither the Ukrainian nor the Russian authorities have confirmed the capture of this lieutenant general. If confirmed, Sychevoi would be the highest-ranking Russian general taken prisoner since the World War II, a fact of enormous importance for Russia and that shows the extent to which this invasion is becoming a military disaster for the Kremlin.

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