The vehicle fled at full speed between the Ukrainian lines and ended badly

The surreal escape of a Russian Army tank in the midst of the Ukrainian counteroffensive

The Ukrainian counter-offensives at various points on the front are having more success than expected and are causing very curious situations.

The symbol that the Ukrainians paint on their military vehicles against the Z of the Russians
Lowering a communist flag: symbolic images of the Ukrainian counteroffensive

One of them has been broadcast today in a video posted by Calibre Dark and bearing the emblem of the Special Forces of Ukraine at the end. In the images we see a Russian T-72 tank transporting soldiers on it (an old custom that has existed in Russia since World War II) fleeing at full speed between the Ukrainian lines. Along the way, the Russian soldiers fall off the tank and in the end it ends up crashing into a tree:

This absurd situation shows the desperation of the Russian troops when they find themselves surrounded by the Ukrainian forces According to the text in Ukrainian that appears at the beginning of the video, the images would have been recorded near Izyum, in the eastern Ukraine, southeast of Kharkiv.

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