An interesting photo taken during the Silver Arrow exercise in Latvia

Spanish soldiers with their traditional Cross of Burgundy in the Baltic lands

The Spanish Army is one of the oldest armies in the world, and for this reason it treasures numerous traditions, also in its symbols.

When the infantry of Spain and Poland fought under the same Cross of Burgundy
The self-propelled artillery of the Spanish Army is shown in action in Latvia

An example of this was seen today in a photo posted by the eFP Battle Group Latvia of NATO showing an Army M-113 VCZ sapper vehicle during the Silver Arrow exercise in Latvia.

In this enlargement of the photo we can see what waves in the vehicle's antenna:

It is about a Cross of Burgundy, the longest-lived of the Flags of Spain (it represented the country from 1525 to 1843, for 318 years). Today, this historic emblem is still used in Spain in the jacks and pennants of the Spanish Army, with different color combinations depending on the specialty of each unit. This emblem represents the great historical heritage of which the Spanish military are trustees.

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