A series of photos of the M-109s of the 11th Field Artillery Regiment

The self-propelled artillery of the Spanish Army is shown in action in Latvia

In mid-March and for the first time, the Spanish Army deployed its self-propelled artillery abroad, specifically in Latvia.

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This deployment is part of NATO's reinforcement operation to the allied countries that have borders with Russia, given the situation created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the threats launched by the Putin regime against allied countries such as Poland. The Spanish self-propelled howitzers are M-109 belonging to the 11th Field Artillery Regiment (RACA 11), based in Burgos and part of the Field Artillery Command.

This Tuesday, the eFP Battle Group Latvia has published a series of photos of the Summer Shield exercise carried out by the Spanish artillerymen at Camp Ādaži, the maneuvering field attached to the base where the Spanish contingent is deployed in that Baltic republic. The maneuvers took place last week.

The M-109 opening fire, with the gunners behind him, covering their ears.

A photo of the moment of the shot seen from the back of an M-109.

A Spanish artilleryman during the exercise.

Three M-113 armored tracked transports of the Spanish Army during the exercise.

A Spanish artilleryman with an artillery collimator during the exercise.

The projection loads of the 155 mm ammunition of the M-109.

An M-109 at the moment of the shot. In the background on the left you can see the projectile in full flight.

Two Spanish M-109 driving along the dirt roads of Camp Ādaži.

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