Poland and USA are the countries that contribute the most to this deployment

NATO publishes the figures of its deployment on its eastern flank in the face of the Russian threat

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led the Atlantic Alliance to reinforce its military deployment on its eastern flank, from the Baltic republics to Bulgaria.

The figures of the Russian military disaster three weeks after the start of the invasion of Ukraine
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The Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) has today published the figures of that deployment, noting: "NATO will not tolerate any attack on Allied sovereignty or territorial integrity. We have already activated our defence plans to shield the Alliance, increased our readiness and deployed troops from both sides of the Atlantic."

"There are now hundreds of thousands of forces at heightened alert across the Alliance. One hundred thousand US troops in Europe and around 40,000 troops under direct NATO command, mostly in the eastern part of the Alliance ... backed by major air and naval power as well as air defences", SHAPE noted. "But we face a new reality for our security. So we must reset our collective defence and deterrence for the longer term."

Along with these statements, SHAPE has published the following graph showing the numbers of its deployment on its eastern flank:

The deployment consists of the aforementioned 100,000 US soldiers and 40,000 military personnel under direct NATO command, in addition to 130 allied aircraft on high alert and 140 allied ships at sea. This is the distribution of troops by country:


2,000 allied troops from the United Kingdom, France, USA and Iceland.
7,000 Estonian troops.
Air power.


1,700 allied troops from Canada, Albania, Czech Republic, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and USA.
7,400 Latvian troops.
Air power.


4,000 allied troops from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and USA.
16,800 Lithuanian troops.
Air power.


10,500 allied troops from USA, United Kingdom, Croatia and Romania.
120,000 Polish troops.
Sistemas de defensa aérea.


2,100 allied troops from Netherlands, USA, Poland, Germany y Slovenia.
13,000 slovak troops.
Air defense.


800 allied troops aliados from Croatia.
24,000 Hungarian troops.


3,300 allied troops from USA, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium.
76,000 Romanian troops.


900 allied troops (it is not indicated from which countries).
26,000 Bulgarian troops.

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