It has collected hundreds of photos of the material lost by Russia and Ukraine

A website documents loss of 939 Russian military vehicles in Ukraine with photos

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has lasted 13 days and at this point it is already difficult to hide the military disaster that the invaders are suffering.

Russia had as many dead in Ukraine in a single week as in Afghanistan in 4 months
The military vehicles that the Russian Army is losing in its attack on Ukraine

Russia is having many more casualties than those suffered by the USSR in Afghanistan

Last Thursday, March 3, a week after the invasion, Ukraine published a list of Russian losses, both soldiers and vehicles, which some may consider exaggerated. That list included 217 tanks, 900 armored vehicles of different types and 374 vehicles of other types, in addition to 30 planes, 31 helicopters, 90 artillery pieces and 60 tank trucks, among others, in addition to some 9,000 dead soldiers, a figure that Russia lowered 498 dead Russian soldiers and 1,597 wounded, without specifying how many vehicles it has lost in the invasion. As we saw that day, even taking the official Russian figure for granted, Russia would have as many deaths in Ukraine in a single week as the USSR had in Afghanistan in 4 months.

A website documents the losses: 939 Russian and 247 Ukrainian vehicles

The losses of Russian military vehicles published by Ukraine indicate a real military disaster. It could be war propaganda, but there is a website that has been able to document very high figures of losses of Russian military material with photos. started on February 24 a compilation of images of military vehicles lost by both the invaders and the invaded. The list is titled "Attack On Europe: Documenting Equipment Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine". At the time of this writing, that website has already documented 939 military vehicles lost by Russia and 274 lost by Ukraine.

The great difference between the Russian and Ukrainian losses is explained by the fact that Ukrainian civilians and military publish many more photos than the Russian military involved in that invasion (the website links the photos it collects on social networks, indicating their date), and that obviously leads to a bias in counting the losses of both sides.

All in all, the figures are disastrous for Russia, considering its overwhelming military superiority over Ukraine. Russia is not only failing to meet its objectives with this invasion, but it is also suffering losses that may begin to affect the operability of its Armed Forces, not only -and not so much- due to the volume of material lost, but also due to the demonstration of its little effectiveness against an army that is defending itself mainly with man-portable anti-tank missiles.

The website documents the loss of 149 tanks by the Russians

Of those 939 Russian military vehicles whose loss has been able to document, 376 have been destroyed, 13 damaged, 154 abandoned and 394 captured. The figures for abandoned and seized vehicles are striking (the latter are supposed to be largely so because they were also abandoned). Russia is showing tremendous shortcomings in logistical support and recovery vehicles, which would explain these staggering numbers.

In terms of vehicle types, Russia has already lost 149 tanks, of which 48 have been destroyed, 2 damaged, 28 abandoned and 71 captured. It has also lost 93 armored fighting vehicles (31 destroyed, 17 abandoned and 43 captured), 136 infantry fighting vehicles (54 destroyed, 25 abandoned and 57 captured), 52 armored personnel carriers (16 destroyed, 10 abandoned and 26 captured), in addition to 5 MRAPs, 35 infantry transport vehicles, 8 communication stations, 37 engineering vehicles, 48 anti-tank missile vehicles, 24 towed artillery pieces, 23 self-propelled howitzers, 24 SAM vehicles, etc. To the list of losses must be added 11 airplanes (including 10 fighter or attack aircraft), 2 drones, 11 helicopters (including 9 attack aircraft), and 2 logistics trains. The list is completed with 295 trucks and various vehicles.

The website also documents the loss of 49 tanks by Ukraine

As for Ukrainian losses, of the 274 vehicles, 95 have been destroyed, 5 damaged, 44 abandoned and 127 captured. In total, Ukraine has lost 46 tanks (44 T-64BV and 2 T-80BV), 38 armored fighting vehicles, 33 infantry fighting vehicles, 18 armored personnel carriers, 17 infantry vehicles, 1 engineer vehicles, 14 pieces of towed artillery and 7 self-propelled howitzers, among other materials. The list includes 8 airplanes (including the massive AN-225), 1 drone, 2 ships, and 70 trucks and miscellaneous vehicles. The few aircraft listed and the absence of helicopters are striking. Perhaps this is because many were destroyed at their bases, places inaccessible to Ukrainian civilians, and also because Ukrainian civilians will not be as keen to publicize their own losses.


Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A convoy of Russian tanks destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

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