A phrase that is part of its Apel Pamięci, its ceremony for the Fallen

“Cześć jego pamięci!” Poland dedicates the tribute to its Fallen to a Spanish soldier

The death of a Corporal of the Regular Forces of the Spanish Army in an exercise in Poland has been news in many media in that country.

A Corporal of the Regular Forces of the Spanish Army dies in an exercise in Poland
The deployment of Spanish soldiers of the Regulars and BRILAT near Russian territory

In relation to that tragic news that occurred during a live fire exercise at the Bemowo Piskie maneuvering range, The Polish Ministry of Defense has published a message in Polish and Spanish, in which it states: "We express our deep regret for the death of a Spanish soldier during the international exercise #SABERSTRIKE".

The only part of the message from the Polish Ministry of Defense that has not been translated are three words: "Cześć jego pamięci!" (Honor to his memory!). It is not just any expression: it is a phrase pronounced in the Apel Pamięci, the ceremony of the Polish Army to honor its Fallen, which I told you about here seven years ago. In this ceremony the plural phrase is generally used: "Cześć ich pamięci!"

In that Polish military ritual, soldiers respond with those three words to the expression "Chwała bohaterom!" (Glory to the heroes!) Thus, by using that expression, Poland has dedicated the same honor to the Spanish soldier who died in Bemowo Piskie as to his fallen. A gesture that I sincerely thank you from Spain.

Dziękuję bardzo, polscy przyjaciele. Thank you very much, Polish friends.

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